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The Truth of Running – Studio C

I thought they were good kids

The Truth of Running – Studio C BYUTelevision “I thought they were good kids…” … “We took away her running shoes, hoping she would stop. And then we hear about this thing called Bare-Foot running? Was this some sort of … read more

Michael Herz; Barefoot In Over 28 Marathons!

Michael Herz

James Stoxen’s video interview with Michael Herz Who Ran Barefoot In Over 28 Marathons! – watch video at: Michael Herz has been training barefoot and running marathons for the past 8 years. He has ran barefoot in over 28 … read more

Running with Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Chance to get your soles on Seoul TV

Running for Medical Reasons? Seoul Broadcasting System is doing a TV story about people exercising (including running, barefoot or with shoes). Please come out and share your story on TV! You might help others with similar issues. Running with Seoul … read more