Alberto Perusset Completes Triple Marathon Barefoot!

Alberto Perusset, Long Beach Marathon 2013 September 13

Summary Two weeks after completing the Long Beach Marathon on 2013 September 13, Alberto Perusset completed his third triple marathon at Lake Tahoe on 2013 September 27-29. Statistics 78.6 miles 17 hours and 87 minutes time for 3 marathons. 3 marathons … read more

Colorful Characters — Harmon Ligon

a barefoot soldier, running too fast to be identified

Summary …from the summer of 1943. …a barefoot soldier, running too fast to be identified, passed the weary column and fell into the proper cadence only when he reached the front rank. read full article: Colorful Characters — Harmon Ligon @ … read more

Inaugural Natural Born Runner magazine is available, FREE online

Manuel Luna and Ted

Story The Inaugural Natural Born Runner magazine is available! FREE online! Run the Way Nature Intended. Inaugeral issue (available free online), includes articles by; Barefoot Ted MacDonald, Dr. Dan Lieberman, Maria Walton, Dr. Nick Campitelli, Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Lee Saxby, Matt Wallden, … read more