Growing Number of Runners Opt to Run in Bare Feet

Voice of America

Summary President of the Los Angeles Barefoot Runners Society, Ken Bob Saxton believes the cause of joint pain is often shoes. “They allow us to run very sloppily, they allow us to slam our feet into the ground with higher … read more

Ken Bob Saxton will be @ Suggs Sports Medicine Symposium, Springfield IL

2012 Suggs Sports Medicine Symposium

Summary Ken Bob Saxton will explain how and why barefoot running has helped thousands (perhaps more), and can help many more people reduce the risk of chronic pain and injuries typically associated with running in modern running shoes, and why … read more

The Perfect Runner (2012) review

The Perfect Runner (2012)

Summary The Perfect Runner (Clearwater Documentary) celebrates the modern passion for running by exploring our evolution as a distance-running species. This is a big, ambitious documentary, with locations from Ethiopia to Arctic Russia to the Canadian Rockies, featuring some of … read more

Old Radio Interviews

Steckler and Conway

  Summary I thought some of you might enjoy these old radio interviews (featuring Barefoot Ted McDonald, Barefoot Rick Roeber, and myself) Rick Roeber 2008-03-25 KMBZ Kansas City KS These Days with Ken Bob and Yoshi 2007-02-07 KPBS San … read more