Ken Bob, Maya, Josh

Ken Bob’s Regular Run – 2014 August 16 Saturday


Busy day, called my sister and wished her voice mail a happy birthday (she was probably out doing something fun), then did another fun Ken Bob’s Regular Run, with Maya (of Long Beach) and Joshua (visiting from North Carolina), and a nice long walk with Psycho Herman, followed by a swim with Herman’s buddy Bruce (French Bulldog) in the harbor, a bath, then hanging out with Connor and a couple of neighbor cats.

I have been recovering from a broken metatarsal in my right foot for about 10 weeks now. Joshua had been suffering from some top-of-foot pain caused by an injury in running shoes 4 weeks ago. So this was definitly going to be a slow run with many photo stops and walk breaks.


  • 3.65 miles
  • 1:09:55


coming sooner or later


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