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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

Always Remember…

  1. Running Barefoot should be comfortable (on almost any terrain)
  2. Running Barefoot should be easy
  3. Running Barefoot should be FUN!
If any of these are not true for you right now, then play with how you are running until it is more comfortable, easy, and joyful.

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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

NYC Barefoot Run (2011 September 24-25)


2011 September New York City NY

2011 September, New York City, NY

Cheeto Hazard, NYC Barefoot Run (2011 September 24-25) New York City NY

Cheeto Hazard, NYC Barefoot Run (2011 September 24-25) New York City NY

While running from Brooklyn to Times Square I ran across one of the most fearful things ever encountered by barefoot runners – the dreaded Cheeto Hazard!

I’m telling you, had I not seen the Cheetos in time to avoid them, my soles might have turned a bright yellow color. And other than washing one’s feet, there’s no known cure for that sort of discoloration!

Most of the bits of glass behaved very well lying still while we ran over them

Most of the bits of glass behaved very well lying still while we ran over them

Then on another run, this time to Coney Island, I ran over some bits of broken glass here and there, but it was all very well behaved and just lay flat on the ground as we ran gently over it, except for one tiny splinter, which I removed as soon as I felt it stick in my foot. No detectable or debilitating damage. The Cheetos were more exciting… Yawn!

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Group Shot, NYC Barefoot Run (2011-09-24-25) photo courtesy Ivan Olarte (

Group Shot, NYC Barefoot Run (2011-09-24-25) photo courtesy Ivan Olarte (


Went to second annual NYC Barefoot Run in New York City NY put on by the Durant siblings, John and Maggie. And, except for the weekend (when I stayed at the DoubleTree Hilton), I was hosted by musician, Barry Bliss

After leaving the Naked Foot 5K in Highland Ranch CO, I headed further east to New York City for the NYC Barefoot Run, and a few other days just to run around New York.

New Yorkers take the shirt off my back!

Ethan took a shirt out of my backpack

Ethan took a shirt out of my backpack

… or at least out of my backpack

Today I ran with Barry from Bensonhurst through Park Slope over the Manhattan Bridge to Union Square Farmer’s Market. I posted an offer here for people to find me and ask for a shirt out of my back pack. I did manage to give a couple shirts away, but neither of the folks had found me through the website. Ethan was on his way to work on a bicycle, and John was working at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Turned out to be about a 12 mile run.

Cheeto Hazard, NYC Barefoot Run (2011 September 24-25) New York City NY

Cheeto Hazard, NYC Barefoot Run (2011 September 24-25) New York City NY

Where’s Ken Bob’s Books?

My publishers had shipped 2 boxes of Barefoot Running Step by Step to the DoubleTree Hotel for me to sell at the event, which would also help me pay for my hotel, and other travel expenses while in New York… unfortunately the staff at the hotel couldn’t locate the books, even though one of the staff had signed for them (thanks to UPS tracking data).

Fortunately, the manager did locate the books. Unfortunately this was not until after all of the events finished. Fortunately I had many friends who helped me out while in New York City, including the hotel manager who provided my ground transport to the airport so I could leave New York City.

But enough of my griping, I had a LOT OF FUN in New York City, the people there, as expected, were among the friendliest people in the world… in between the honking and yelling of people driving. Don’t you people know, New York City isn’t designed for driving cars. WALK, run, or take the subway. Do not drive in New York City!

Besides running from my host’s home in Brooklyn to Manhattan and Coney Island, there were of course all of the events during the 2 days of the NYC Barefoot Run, including Fun-Play-Shops, Fun-Play-Drills, Fun Talks, Fun-Presentations, and, of course, Barefoot Running FUN!

Interesting People in New York

There are a lot of interesting people in New York City.

Many of the interesting people, like myself, came from other places for the New York City Barefoot Run. I met a couple of fellows running in plain white How Ya Hangin’ boxer shortsEsther Gokhale, Mark Cucuzzella, Erwin LaCorre, Lee Saxby

Ken Bob, Caity, and Jacobus sing “On Broadway”!

And of course, got to visit with some old friends, like Caity McCardell, also from California, Caity, Jacobus (another Californian), and myself walked down Broadway after the presentations on Saturday, and couldn’t help by start singing, “On Broadway”…

Friends from outside of California abounded as well; Chris McDougall and his lovely wife Mika (leading the Hula dance in the following video), Dr. Daniel Lieberman, Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, and more than I can remember to name…

My old friend (though not as old as I) and one of my most famous students, formerly of California, but now residing in Seattle Washington, Barefoot Ted was giving rides, and being pulled by other barefooters, on the rickshaw he designed and built himself!


One segment of the following video was shot when I ran to Coney Island, while in Brooklyn:

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