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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

Always Remember…

  1. Running Barefoot should be comfortable (on almost any terrain)
  2. Running Barefoot should be easy
  3. Running Barefoot should be FUN!
If any of these are not true for you right now, then play with how you are running until it is more comfortable, easy, and joyful.

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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

San Francisco Marathon (2007 July 29) Saxton

Todd, Joseph, Ken Bob, and Michae (2007 July 29) San Francisco Marathon

Todd, Joseph, Ken Bob, and Michae (2007 July 29) San Francisco Marathon


Always lots of fun in San Francisco. Don, and I drove up from Huntington Beach together. Another friend, Sue, was flying up, to volunteer at the Expo, and run the half-marathon. Then Sue would ride back with us, after spending Sunday night at Michae’s parents home.


  • 26.20 Mile
  • 04:19:58 (official time)
  • 61 Barefoot 26.20 Mile races from 1998 to 2007/07/29
  • 310 Barefoot races (any distance) from 1998 to 2007/07/29
  • Barefoot
  • Weather: cloudy, foggy
  • Overall place: 1860
  • Gender place: 1458
  • Age division (age = 52) : 95
  • surface (0-10): 7
  • hills (0-10): 7
  • Description: asphalt, concrete, dirt, grass, gravel
  • Location: city, and parks
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: California
Karen Legault

Karen Legault


Saturday night we stayed at Michae’s sister, Karen Legault‘s house in Oakland, a little closer to the marathon than Michae’s parents’ home. Then we went to a barbeque at Michae’s brother’s home.

Todd and Melisa showed up later that night. Melisa wasn’t running this event, so she would be our official photographer again.

Also ran into an former student from CSULB who shot a couple of pictures of me on the Golden Gate Bridge. Thanks Alper!


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