Deadly Broken Glass Dilema short video by Ken Bob Saxton

The Deadly Broken Glass Dilemma


Most of you scrape a razor sharp blade across some of the most delicate skin on your bodies – on a daily basis … yet you’re terrified that your bare sole (which is the toughest skin on your body) will be ripped to shreds simply by stepping on broken glass.

Oh, you’re very “careful” about the way you scrape that razor across your skin. So why aren’t you “careful” about the way you place your foot on the ground?

Many people believe broken glass is a big issue for barefoot runners. Yet few experienced barefoot runners talk much about broken glass, not because it is as scary as this short movie, but because it rarely is an issue at all.

The Deadly Broken Glass Dilemma is a short documentary video by Ken Bob Saxton which evolved into the horror genre during production.


  • length: 4:18 minutes
  • genre: Horror, Comedy
  • color
  • 720HD
  • world premiere (rough cut): Boston Barefoot Running Festival symposium 2012 April 15 Sunday.


Discusses the myths and truths about broken glass, dispels some of the exaggerated danger of broken glass for barefoot runners, while, at the same time acknowledging that there are real risks of being injured while running barefoot (or in footwear).


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3 comments on “The Deadly Broken Glass Dilemma

    • The balloon even amazed me. I was expecting it to pop right away, then I would be showing the contrast between the “delicate” balloon, and our tough bare soles, and I didn’t need to be very gentle with the balloon… turns out our soles don’t need to be as nearly as tough as I thought!

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