Herman and Aqua want to run barefoot too (2012 May 6) IBRD, Huntington Beach CA

International Barefoot Running Day in Huntington Beach CA

Herman and Aqua want to run barefoot too (2012 May 6) IBRD, Huntington Beach CA

Herman and Aqua want to run barefoot too (2012 May 6) IBRD, Huntington Beach CA


Nobody showed up for this morning’s 8am 9-mile barefoot run around the wetlands despite being perfect overcast, coolish, warmish, southern California morning weather for running.

At least Michelle showed up for the much shorter low-tide barefoot run at 4:30pm. And we both enjoyed being interviewed and running for Voice of America reporter Elizabeth Lee. Then we brought the reporter over to one of my neighbor’s where a couple of our other barefoot runners were hanging around, and got a group photo.


  • 4 miles (or less)
  • 4pm for interviews
  • 4:30pm for low-tide run
  • Low-Tide @ 4:52pm
  • Meet at the Old Same Place
  • sorry no dogs allowed on Sunset Beach
  • on hard-pack beach sand
  • WARNING: may be broken clam shells and other hazards on beach
  • WARNING: it is unreasonably comfortable to run badly on beach sand, which is why I suggest starting out on rough hard surfaces to make sure that your technique is as gentle as possible before heading out on the sand  (We have a rough hard surface near our meeting place, just show up early and ask and I will help you find it, and work on your gentle running technique )



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3 comments on “International Barefoot Running Day in Huntington Beach CA

  1. News reporter is on her way, should be here around 4 or 4:30. Hope someone else shows up, besides her and me. I will resort to bribery and will buy dinner at Secret Spot or Subway, or FireRoast Pizza (up to $20 each) – OR a free auto-foot-print-graphed copy of “Barefoot Running Step by Step”, for the first 5 people who show up and run with us. Use the secret coupon pass phrase: “International Barefoot Running Day”. Is anybody out there in the Los Angeles area?

  2. Barefoot Ken Bob gave a great interview for Voice of America’s reporter, Elizabeth Lee. We got to run in front of the camera! (Again, and again…) I think she got to understand how fun it is to run barefoot. I got to meet some of Barefoot Ken Bob’s regular running posse, looking forward to running with them along the Bolsa Chica wetlands strip.
    The reporter found Barefoot Ken Bob after noticing several barefoot runners out in Westwood. So, yes, there are definitely people out there in the Los Angeles area. I’d come out earlier for the morning run but was soundly defeated in the battle for parking and missed Ken, but ran the wetlands trail to celebrate IBRD. I’m so glad I caught up with him later in the afternoon. A good day.

  3. I think one person running barefoot is a success, but two! Thanks for representing on IBRD you two. If I were there, Ken Bob, I would have taken you up on your offer for a good meal, although I would have paid. Hopefully, next year will have a larger showing.

    On an up note, Slovenia had 120 people show up. The footage is wonderful. Last year, they had around 60, so that’s progress!


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