Rae's sitting on gravel

Run with Rae Across America (or at least to Manhattan Beach CA)

Rae's sitting on gravel

Rae's sitting on gravel


Rae Heim has been running across the United States of America since 2012 April 01 when she began her adventure in Boston MA. She expects to finish in Manhattan Beach CA in 2012 mid-November. If you happen to be in the area, you have the opportunity to run the final 6 miles of Rae’s Run Across America, from Norwalk CA to Manhattan Beach CA.


  • Tentative Date: 2012 November 14 Wednesday
  • 3437 miles (estimated total)
  • Less than 8 months (estimated duration)
  • (age 17-18) the youngest person to run across the United States of America (barefoot or otherwise)


Come join the running party, or meet us in Manhattan Beach to celebrate.


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