Barefoot Running - The Movie

Barefoot Running – The Movie (2012) Brix


“We had a blast working our tails off last winter, filming the ultimate barefoot running DVD in Maui, Hawaii. You’ll find everything you need to know about safely easing into barefoot running, from foot strengthening to proper posture, running form and recovery, all with a greater sense of awareness of your body and the world around you. Be inspired to go out and play like a kid again!”


Product Details

  • Actors: Michael Sandler, Jessica Lee
  • Directors: Adam Brix
  • Format: Full length, Subtitled, Special Extended Version
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region: All Regions
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Studio: RunBare Productions
  • Run Time: 76 minutes

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One comment on “Barefoot Running – The Movie (2012) Brix

  1. This is a very picturesque movie, professionally produced, nicely directed, and as with their book, has a touching story about Michael’s life-changing accident and facing the news that he might “never walk again”, and certainly “running was completely out of the question” for someone with a titanium hip and femur, with a leg-length difference of about a full inch.

    I highly recommend viewing this movie, it is even subtitled in English (thank you Mike and Jessica) for the deaf and hearing impaired (about 10% of the population, and about 40% of us will have significant hearing loss as we age).

    However, I should warn folks to be very careful, Michael’s approach is from the perspective of an athlete. If you want to follow this approach, DO follow his guidelines to build up the strength in your feet (not just the skin on the soles, but also the bones, muscles, ligaments, etc., which take much longer to strengthen), before running any distance. This technique can put a lot more stress on feet, which have been habitually shod for any length of time, than they will be able to handle without severe injury!

    Mostly, of course, listen to Michael and Jessica’s advice and actually, literally, and truly go BARE foot…

    I have seen, and heard from, and about, thousands of people who have suffered stress fracture after trying the fore-foot-only landing, without any instruction or thought or paying attention to how much it hurt their calves, went out and bought some “barefoot” shoes, so they could try running “barefoot” without those annoying messages from their bare soles letting know when they needed to make changes in their technique, or just take some time off.

    As Michael says, “Bare-foot is aware-foot!”

    Be aware, don’t be ignorant … don’t ignore the fact that the soles of our feet are the most attentive coaches available.

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