Todd's starting his 100th marathon

Todd Successfully Finishes 100th Barefoot Marathon!

Todd's starting his 100th marathon

Todd's starting his 100th marathon


Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon was Todd’s 100th Barefoot Marathon on Sunday, January 16 2011!!

Many visitors and locals in the Phoenix came out to cheer me in. Thanks to all for the support!

-Barefoot Todd

Get Me To the Start On Time

Well, we didn’t get to the start on time. We were thinking there would be tens of thousands of runners here taking 20-30 minutes to get everyone over the start line – like in Los Angeles Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego, etc… but there weren’t, so after a last minute restroom stop, we started looking for the start line, and about 20 minutes later, we found it, but everyone else had already gone through. We figured that would be O.K. we had the chip time, which records when each individual runner crosses the start line. However, since we started so late, apparently it didn’t, so we only have gun times, from when the starting gun was fired (20 minutes before we started) until we crossed the finish line.



  • 26.2 miles
  • 5:18:05 (gun time)


  • distance
  • time
  • any interesting statistics
  • etc…


Just keep on rambling…


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