Ronald and Todd 2009 Feb 7 Saturday

Running Barefoot Workshop – Huntington Beach, Ca

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Hello Everyone!

Well, it is about time that I weigh in here and introduce myself!

I am Barefoot Todd!  I will be your host for the Running Barefoot Workshop in Huntington Beach CA on Sunday, the 20th of June!

Before going much further, first I trust I am sending this intro note out in the proper forum.  As y’all know, Barefoot Ken Bob (BKB) is the technical guru behind all of the maintaining and moderating various Running Barefoot web sites, and he has been helping me with mine.  This is my first sincere attempt at trying to communicate with “The Group”, so please bear with me!

I also try to keep up with all the blogs and questions, but if I am remiss, please help me catch up!

As you know, Barefoot Ken Bob is in the midst of his 2010 Summer Tour. So I will be with all of you here in Huntington Beach!!

So, a little about me —

Ronald and Todd 2009 Feb 7 Saturday

Ronald and Todd 2009 Feb 7 Saturday

I have been running with Barefoot Ken Bob since 2000.  In fact, Barefoot Ken Bob is the person who got me interested in running sans footwear and I am in many of the photos on this site (Yep, I know you were all wondering who the HANDSOME one was!!)

Since that time, I have been working on making my barefooted running technique the best I can — and I am still learning!  With BKB’s tutelage and assistance, we have run many-a-mile together as we both become even more attuned to the techniques and benefits of barefoot athletics.

I have often been referred to as “the Other Barefooter” during events in which I participate with Ken Bob because I am often running in his shadow (which is OK — with all of his knowledge and experience he casts a pretty big one!).

But I have some credentials too:  To date, I have completed 86 out of 267 total marathons (yes, the 26.2 mile kind!) without shoes.  I have also completed scores of other events plus trained 100’s of other athletes — both shod and unshod.

Like I stated above, though, we ALL still have something to learn!

And whenever you ask something I do not know I will either make up or, more than likely, help to find the resources for us to learn the answer together.

So come on out to the “Barefoot TODD’s Running Barefoot Workshop” in Huntington Beach, CA on 2010 June 20 Sunday from 9:00am – 11:00am (details below) and we will find out what we can all discover about our chosen interest together.  Further details are on this site!

I am excited that people are signing up for the Workshop on this site so I know I will be there and we will all learn even more about barefootin’!!

Til the 20th of June —

Barefoot Todd


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