Look for a black canopy with BarefootRunning.com in hot pink letters

Photo Op at Surf City Marathon (2013 February 3)

Look for a black canopy with BarefootRunning.com in hot pink letters

Look for a black canopy with BarefootRunning.com in hot pink letters


Barefoot Running.com canopy will be at mile 20 / mile 21 (approximately). Look for the black canopy with hot pink letters spelling “Barefoot Running.com” and Barry the Barefoot Runner on the sides and top, just short of the last turn around. If you run past us on the way back, we’ll try to shoot your picture while running barefoot, and you might be able to find it at BarefootRunning.com.

Barry the Barefoot Runner

Barry the Barefoot Runner


If I get out to the beach earlier enough I may try to catch some half-marathon runners at approximately mile 9. As you run northwest on Pacific Coast Hwy, if you see me on the other side, and want a free photo, take off your shoes before you run past me on the way back. The BarefootRunning.com canopy will only be on the marathon course.

Yell at Barefoot Ken Bob!

Yell at me on the way out, if you plan to run past me barefoot on the way back. That will give me a better chance to shoot you.


If you aren’t running the Surf City Marathon and but want to hang about at the beach, come and join us and possibly help out a little (at least keep Ken Bob company for a bit)

We are not affiliated with the Surf City Marathon. We are just setting up a canopy on Bolsa Chica State Beach, to cheer runners on, and encourage them to take off their shoes, at least for a little bit, if they want a free downloadable picture at BarefootRunning.com.

Free Copy of Barefoot Running Step by Step

I offer a free copy of Barefoot Running Step by Step
(while supplies last) to each person who helps us out at the Barefoot Running.com canopy – I Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, will be the sole (pun intended) determiner of who has “helped” … but if you come down and hang out and keep us company for a while you’ll probably qualify.

Parking and Map

Parking is the same as for Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Play-Fun-Shops, except if you choose to park in the State Park Log (paid parking), you will be entering the park at Warner, behind the Jack in the Box restaurant (since Pacific Coast Hwy will be closed for the marathon by the usual entrance).

Limited FREE parking available in Sunset Beach, on Pacific Coast Hwy (north of Warner) and other side streets along Pacific Coast Hwy.

View Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Running Barefoot Fun-Play-Shops in a larger map

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4 comments on “Photo Op at Surf City Marathon (2013 February 3)

  1. Hi,
    If I wanted to stop by the canopy to say hello and maybe get a copy of the book autographed, do I have to volunteer? I don’t mind I was just curious. And if I did volunteer do I request mile 20 or 21 to be stationed at? Thanks for the details, look forward to stopping by.


  2. Chris, you do not need to volunteer with the Surf City Marathon. We are just setting up the canopy along the course on a public beach, and are not actually affiliated with the Surf City Marathon. So, if you want to hang out at the Barefoot Running canopy, just show up, and hang out with us.

    If you help us out; shooting barefoot runners (with a camera), setting up, tearing down the canopy, keeping us company, etc., I will give you a free copy of the book, and auto-foot-print-graph it for free too (while supplies last).

  3. Wow. Nice. Very gracious. I emailed the folks who run the volunteering at the marathon and they dont have many slots open left. Awesome to know that it would not prohibit a stop by visit!
    Thanks again!

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