Barefoot Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Barefoot Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Barefoot Todd, The Barefoot Volunteer

Promoting Barefootin’ in Various Ways

I am always looking for interesting and perhaps funny ways to promote the barefoot lifestyle of running and other activities. And, along the way, I always tell people about!!

As you know, I almost always volunteer/work athletic events without shoes as well. Even if I have to run some distances in between stations in order to do my work, it is much easier for me to do so in the manner to which I have become accustomed — barefooted!!

Playing the Trump Card

Every now and then I end up in a place where I can do that because it not only makes sense but is fun too.

Yesterday I volunteered at the Trump National Golf Course in PV. So, of course, while I was out on the holes I was barefoot! And,man, that grass feels REALLY good!!

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