Heel strike in Vibrams. Not fake. Surf City Marathon 2012

Vibram Transitioning → Bone Injury

Heel strike in Vibrams. Not fake. Surf City Marathon 2012

Heel strike in Vibrams. Not fake. Surf City Marathon 2012

Herman doesn't believe Vibrams are like barefoot, only better!

Herman doesn’t believe Vibrams are like barefoot, only better!


Via Runner’s World, there’s a new study out that looks at people transitioning from regular shod running to running in Vibram FiveFingers. The study is Foot Bone Marrow Edema after 10-week Transition to Minimalist Running Shoes. It will appear in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

And it shows quite a bit of injury to foot bones.

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5 comments on “Vibram Transitioning → Bone Injury

  1. Mr. Bob,
    My military hat off to you. YOu are my new Idol. I am a runner and have been for the past 10 yrs. I am in the military and for a stress reliever I run and have made it my hobby. People ask me how do I do it? I say that it takes my mind into a world where the horizons are as far as you want them. I know that running on a treadmill isn’t good for running barefoot, but at 1130 almost everyday, since I arrived to Germany, I go to the gym and run for about 45 min. to an hour. But the moral of this story is that while I run, I read and listen to music. I read the greatest two books in the last 3 months while running, BORN TO RUN and STEP BY STEP RUNNING BAREFOOT :). I know that running in Vibram shoes is not the right thing to do but at night I run out in my village and I am building courage to run barefooted in the near future,so I will do the Plastidip socks idea and see how that feels and then eventually take off barefooted. I have to admit though , that I have been using your bent knee technique and it has been better for my hips and knees yay !!!!!!

  2. I had a great deal of fear of running barefoot but it felt so absolutely liberating after the first time I was hooked. Keep it short half of a mile or less. Run free!

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