Julia Stokes, barefoot runner #12136

Los Angeles Marathon (2013 March 17)

Hyun Choi, barefoot runner #2519

Hyun Choi, barefoot runner #2519


Most fun I’ve had at the Los Angleles Marathon since the last time I didn’t run the Los Angeles Marathon (1999). While I was setting up the BarefootRunning.com canopy, the police did stop to ask me some questions … about how his knees hurt when he ran in shoes, and was curious if Barefoot Running might help.


So anyway, I hung out just after mile-23 and cheered on runners, shot barefoot runners (with a camera), and tried to help many of the students Run L.A. run forward… I explained to many of the later runners that it would be easier to go forward, if they would face forward (instead of down at their feet). There weren’t enough barefoot runners to keep me busy the whole time, so I also shot pictures of runners with sandals are Vibram Five-Fingers, when I saw them.

Free Photos

Runners; feel free to download these pictures of yourself and friends. If you feel like it, please give credit to “Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton”, or provide a link to this page, or your individual photo.

Click on image, then click on resulting image once more to get full resolution copy, then right click and “save as”.


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