Tracy E Longacre

Long Beach Marathon




Long Beach, California

2013 October 13 Sunday

Set up the canopy at the Long Beach International Marathon so I could yell at (cheer on) and shoot (with a camera) barefooters, other interesting runners and walkers and friends.

The canopy and I ended up at mile-25 (11.9 for the half marathon) next to Parker, who was monitoring the timing mat at mile 25.

I offerred many runners water, and bananas, while they lasted. One of the shod runners asked if I had any advil? Now why would a barefoot runner want to take pain-killers. If we wanted to run numbly, we would just put shoes on!


  • 13.1 and 26.2 miles
  • At mile 11.9 (half marathon) / mile 25 (full marathon)
  • Ocean Boulevard at Kennebec Avenue, Long Beach CA


Maybe later, or sooner?

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