Surf City Marathon (2014 February 2)




Arrived at the appointed location, got camera out and shot lead runner. Then set up the canopy, table, water and snacks for runners. I would set up some music later with my solor powered smart phone and amplifier, but right now, not too far away was a live band playing, appropriately, surf music.

Later, the wind picked up … and tipped the canopy over. Luckily, Report at was holding onto one leg with his leash… otherwise it might have blown miles down the beach. Sadly, no pictures of this incident, since most everyone had left by then, I was busy trying to collapse the canopy, and Herman still cannot focus the camera … I don’t know why not, it’s auto-focus… I think he just wants to be in front of the camera, not behind it!

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2 comments on “Surf City Marathon (2014 February 2)

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  2. Barefoot Hero,
    So nice to see you at the Surf city Marathon. You are an inspiration! Your pictures are appreciated; I tell everyone to buy your book and follow your advice, “Run softly, and … even the most minimal shoe will allow you to run wrong, … learn to run barefoot first”.

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