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First Barefoot Run

Hello Everyone –

Its nice to have this forum to read and check out as a new barefoot runner. About 5 months ago I started trying to run utilizing pose running technique. Through that process, I moved from stability shoes to neutral shoes to a cross country flat. When I would finish a run, I would take my shoes off, throw them on my front porch, and jog around the block in my barefeet…maybe a few minutes. And I liked it…

Yesterday I drove to a nearby park and ran for 13 minutes on asphalt paths. My feet felt a little warm and tingly…and the sides of my big toes were a bit tender…but today I felt great! My left achilles, which has been a nagging problem, wasn’t at all tender to the touch today and my calves didn’t feel too tight.

I have been running for almost 18 years. Over the past five, I started to lose the joy of it all…but after reading about barefoot running, and following some of your posts, I am excited again and I look forward to the process and learning how to run.


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