Barefoot Runners - Jim, Todd, Ken Bob, Julian, Chris

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon San Diego (2009 May 31) Saxton


Up until Friday night, two days before the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon, we weren’t sure how many barefoot runners would be there. There was, for sure, myself (Barefoot Ken Bob, Huntington Beach, Ca.), Barefoot Jim (Austin, Tx) Barefoot Julian (Los Angeles, Ca.), Barefoot Todd (Long Beach, Ca.).

And there were also a couple of shod guys hanging around with us, David (RunningRedHair) from Phoenix, Az, and Barely Barefoot Don (formerly known as “Tenderfoot Don”), also from Huntington Beach, Ca..

Then Friday, Barefoot Chris, from Washington state called and said he was going to fly down, and wondered if we had enough room at the hotel. Since we had already reserved 3 double rooms, I said it should be no problem.

Then, Barefoot Joseph caught up with me, early in the marathon, but he was wearing sandals, which he removed, before the next time I caught up with him.

After the marathon, Todd said he also met Barefoot Rob (or Robert), whom we had previously met in San Francisco.

I saw a couple with a Great Pyranees and a Newfoundland. My dog, Herman, is half Great Pyranees, and half Golden Retriever. I had to stop and show the couple a picture of Herman, otherwise they would never believe me, when I told them that, “My dog really is cuter than their dog!”

Now that I’m finished with 4 full marathons in the month of May, I’m going to see how long I can go without running.

Well, I only made it until Friday when I went for a slow 4-mile run with Cathy, my wife.


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