Questions about Barefoot Running

If you have questions, comments, or stories for and about running barefoot, want to reach out to the community of barefoot runners, or are curious why you got injured by running in “barefoot shoes”, please post these publicly to benefit from and add to our global knowledge base about barefoot running. This idea of sharing our stories, questions, comments, etc. is the reason Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton established the Ken Bob’s Original website in 1997. You can find and read most, if not all, of those answers in some or all of the following places;

If your question hasn’t been answered yet on any of the above forums, all the more reason to post your question publicly so your question and the resulting answers can be shared and help others as well as yourself.


This form is NOT for discussion about running technique, or your injuries suffered while running (with or without footwear), etc.. Post comments about specific articles on the page of those article. Post questions about barefoot running at the Barefoot Runners Forum

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