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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

Always Remember…

  1. Running Barefoot should be comfortable (on almost any terrain)
  2. Running Barefoot should be easy
  3. Running Barefoot should be FUN!
If any of these are not true for you right now, then play with how you are running until it is more comfortable, easy, and joyful.

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Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011)

Barefoot Todd

AKA: Barefoot Todd Byers

AKA: The Barefoot Coach

Todd's behind in the 100th Barefoot Marathon, 2011 January 16, Phoenix AZ

Todd’s behind in the 100th Barefoot Marathon, 2011 January 16, Phoenix AZ


  • In excess of 100 barefoot marathons completed (as of 2011 January 16)


Welcome to Barefoot Todd’s website! Hosted by that wonderful, Running Barefoot website, and the fantastic, amazing, (and modest) Barefoot Ken Bob.

Barefoot Todd (AKA: the Barefoot Coach) has been running a lot of marathons for several years. Since 2004, he has been running most of them barefoot.

Barefoot Todd is Barefoot Ted‘s quieter barefoot counter-part (note the subtle difference in the spelling of “Ted” and “Todd”). Barefoot Todd has been running barefoot since 2000 January – Nearly 5 years before Ted discovered barefoot running.

Todd ran his first 9 (nine) barefoot marathons in 2004 (the year after Ted discovered barefoot running). Todd had also completed nearly 200 marathons in shoes (his 300th marathon is looming in the not-so-distant future).

Running Barefoot was a matter of choice and convenience for Todd – it is easier to jump in the ocean during an ocean-front marathon if you don’t need to bother with your shoes…


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