The original Running Barefoot website was founded in 1997 May by Ken Bob Saxton, who had been running barefoot, at least occasionally, for as long as he has been running (since the 1950s – born in 1955). When Ken Bob began racing exclusively barefoot in 1997, he found that people had a lot of questions. Actually not that many questions, mostly the same questions over and over from many different people. So Ken Bob thought it would be simpler to compile information about running barefoot in one place, like a website, where he could direct people who were persistent in asking question after question.

Today, as the Barefoot Runners Society takes on some of the responsibility (managing forums, events, local groups, etc.), this website can focus more on providing general information, testimonials, and links to more specific information.

Barefoot Runners Society

Many of the tasks (organizing local barefoot running groups, etc.) we tried to perform on the Running Barefoot website have been replaced by The Barefoot Runners Society (Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is on the board, and the local Los Anglees area president).


PLEASE post your questions about barefoot running on The Barefoot Runners Society Forum.

Publicity for your event

If you would like publicity about your event posted here, consider offering complimentary entries to barefoot runners, providing space for Ken Bob’s BarefootRunning.com canopy, and inviting Barefoot Ken Bob (Los Angeles/Orange County areas – mostly), and/or Barefoot Todd (mostly Seattle Wa, West Virginia, and Los Angeles areas), or other notable barefoot runner(s) as (a) guest speaker(s) at your event or expo.

Then you’ll have a barefoot running tie-in, and we’ll be happy to publicize your event (at no charge to you), especially about the barefoot runners and barefoot running guest speakers at your event!