Personal Responsibility and Risk

If you’re looking for a risk-free experience, then you’ve come to the wrong universe. Please change your attitude … or leave now!

Living is a risk, a danger, more than that … if you live you WILL die! And in the meantime, you will probably feel some pain and even suffer injury along the way.

The idea isn’t to protect yourself from all pain so that you don’t realize when your injuring yourself. The idea is to figure out how to move and how to live by minimizing debilitating injuries in the process. Pain is a message to help us learn how to live more safely, but certainly NOT perfectly safely.

Let’s face facts; stuff happens. Life is so much more enjoyable if we don’t spend our energy blaming others for the choices we make in life. The best we can do is TRY to minimize some of the bad stuff by making wiser more informed choices, and enjoy the ride.

By showing up and/or participating in any of Ken Bob’s Events, you and your heirs agree to hold Ken Bob Saxton, and any and all other participants, as well as the owners, managers, and other parties involved in these events, or the locations of these events, free of responsibility for any injuries, illness, or just bad times you may or may not experience at Ken Bob’s Events.

Use of image and voice Waiver

If you appear anywhere in public, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy (if you want privacy, stay at home, inside, with your curtains closed!). If you show up at any of Ken Bob’s Events, there’s a good chance that some images and audio recordings of you will be posted on-line, either on this website, or other blogs, YouTube, etc., and a possibility that images and/or audio recordings of you will be used in other forms of media distribution, such as, but not limited to: print, video, audio, and any other mediums that may or may not exist yet, but maybe will in the future.

By attending and participating in any of Ken Bob’s Events, you and your heirs, agree that Ken Bob Saxton and others are free to use any of the videos, photos, audio, or any combination of such recordings in current and future publications, productions, promotional, educational, etc., distributions.

Publicity Waiver

Running Barefoot and Ken Bob Saxton reserve the right to use any media recorded at or produced about Ken Bob Saxton or any of Ken Bob’s Events, with due credit, to publicize the Running Barefoot website, Ken Bob Saxton, or any other publications produced or contributed to by Ken Bob Saxton or by others representing Barefoot Ken Bob or the Running Barefoot website.