Submitting Articles

Thou Shall Submit

Most articles (other than those authored by the editors) for this website are/have been/will be taken/rewritten/absorbed from interesting and relevant posts found on the internet, Ken Bob’s FaceBook pages, and especially the Barefoot Runners Society forum, and the Original Running Barefoot Forum @ Yahoo.

Still, there are a few important things to consider, if you want your posting to be considered, for the considerable honor of being published on the original Running Barefoot website:

  • If you are not the author, be sure to give due credit to the original authors and publisher in the text, and, if available, a link to the original article (in which case, you should provide only a short introduction for the original article in your post, and not copy content verbatim).
  • If you would not say something in person, do NOT post it online!
  • Do not assume that everyone will know what you’re talking about – in general avoid cryptic terms and abbreviations – remember you should be writing so that others (who might not be able to read your mind) can understand what you mean – don’t be lazy.
  • If you feel you must use cryptic terms, such as, (c25k etc..) include an explanation of the term, and/or a link to relevant web site/page (preferably both – at least once).
  • If you have questions about technique, injuries, upcoming races, or who is going to run them barefoot, please post them on The Running Barefoot Forum
  • The Running Barefoot website will re-post/condense/expand/paraphrase/and otherwise “borrow” some of the more interesting/relevant/helpful information posted there.

Anti-Spam Policy

  • It is OK to post an announcement or link to an event in which you plan to run or walk barefoot.
  • It is OK to post an announcement or link to an event to let us know that someone else plans to run or walk the event barefoot.
  • It is OK to post an announcement or link to an event that has a barefoot running division and awards

The following are NOT OK:

  • General posting of any event just to announce it, unless you or someone else is considering running or walking it barefoot, or unless it is a barefoot race or has a special division(s) category for Running Barefoot, and/or walking barefoot.
  • General posting of any non-running, or non-barefoot, or non Running Barefoot related website, especially advertising products or services not related to Barefoot Running.
  • Posting advertising, testimonials, contests, etc., related to your “Barefoot Shoe” business.