Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton Speaking at YOUR Next Event!

Ken Bob Saxton (2007 February 13) National Contract Management Association

Ken Bob Saxton (2007 February 13) National Contract Management Association

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton wants to make an Appearance at Your Event!

If you are organizing a conference, convention, meeting, festival, party, race expo, etc., and think that it might be educational, informative, or amusing, to have Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, the founder of the original Running Barefoot website (1997), and co-author of the book, Barefoot Running Step by Step (2011), then INVITE Ken Bob to speak at your event.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s Appearance Fees and Expenses : Estimated cost for various Cities

  • City: Location of appearance
  • Estimated Total:  will probably be lower than estimated, depending on actual airfare, hotel, etc, and how much your group is willing to provide (ie: lodging, ground transport, meals, etc.)
  • Deposit: Half of estimated total.
  • Days: minimum duration of travel, rehearsal time, and appearances.
  • Events: Maximum number of events for trip. The longer Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton travels, the more events Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is willing to do to justify travel time and expense – However, if you want Ken Bob at fewer than the maximum, the total cost will be slightly lower.
  • Airfare: based on travel from Barefoot Ken Bob’s Home to destination airport (2 persons) – final cost will probably be lower.
  • Lodging: Hotel, food, etc., for two (may be reduced through free local hosting – see hosting requirements below)
  • Ground (Transport): airport shuttle(s), taxi, mass transit, fuel, mileage, routine maintenance, car maintenance and washes, shipping of auxiliary equipment (or excess baggage fees for large items), shoes for walking … just kidding 😉
  • Distance: From Southern California (where Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton lives)
  • Expense Factor: Some cities cost more to visit than others.

“These fees are too high for our Small/Group/Non-Profit/Struggling Business/Running Club/organization/etc…”

“Can’t you come for free? I mean, it’s us! We even bought a copy of your book!”

Thank you for buying Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s book. If you bought it new from anyplace other than one of Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton websites, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is nearly 50 cents closer to financing travel and an appearance at your event!

If you bought the book at Amazon through a link on one of Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s websites, he made another 10-90 cents (depending on the price at time of sale, whether you bought the Kindle version or hard copy, new, or used, from Amazon or from a third party through Amazon).


If you bought Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s book from Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, he made a few dollars profit. Even Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has to pay wholesale plus shipping for his book!

If you bought Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s book used from anyplace else, thanks for nothing – literally, nothing is how much Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton profited from that sale – I’m not offended, but do write an excellent review at and encourage your friends, family, even enemies to Buy My Book!

Secondly, read this article about speaking fees.

Okay, you still feel that your organization “cannot afford” Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s travel expenses and appearance fees. Now imagine Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, an individual, a state employee, with a couple of websites that make almost enough to pay for their own web-hosting and domain name fees, an author of one book (so far) for which Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has paid thousands more to promote than he makes from the sale of that book.

Is Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton a celebrity? Sure. That celebrity status, combined with Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s sense of ethics, compassion, and charity, simply means that more and more groups and organizations people expect Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to make free appearances at their events.


Yes, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton does have a nice cushy state job that rakes in enough dough for housing, an automobile, food, a few nights out for dinner each year, a bicycle, some running shorts (but not shoes), cheap entertainment (videos and a television to watch the videos), even a few bottles of wine each year (when things are going well), and as entry fees have multiplied several times more than Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s income, a race or two every year or two!

T.A.R.D.I.S. - TIme And Relative Dimension In Space

T.A.R.D.I.S. – TIme And Relative Dimension In Space

And you expect Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to take time off work (the work that actually pays for his housing, food, and expenses), spend hours of his time working on a presentation, pay for his own lodging, and transportation, and find someone else to watch his home, for the honor of making an appearance at your event? Not to mention the time to travel – Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton does have a partially built T.A.R.D.I.S., but Time Travel isn’t free either!

… Yours is not the only group who would be excited to pay nothing for the practically famous and nearly legendary, one and only Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to make an appearance at your event(s).

Sure Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton hopes to sell a few books, or a dozen, at your event(s) – for which he expects to be rewarded handsomely with nearly enough profit to buy some inexpensive food while traveling. However, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton also gives away several promotional copies of his book (each cost more than the profit from one full-priced sale) during his travels. As the organizer who invites Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to your event, you can expect a free personally auto-foot-print-graphed copy of Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s book too!

Anyway, you still want Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, someone who now has more than a decade of practice and experience presenting in front of crowds (crowds who are clamoring for Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to appear at events around the world), multiple appearances on television, radio, in magazines, newspapers, and other publications, to appear at your event for practically FREE?

Or perhaps you were thinking of giving Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton a token gift certificate for a few dollars?

Forget about it! … probably, maybe – though I would accept the gift certificate, in ADDITION to the appearance fee.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton Can Be Had Relatively Cheap

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton doesn’t always enjoy travelling, but when he does, he enjoys travelling cheap.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton believes in comfort and efficiency in running, living, and even travel.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton utilizes high-tech internet search engines to locate low cost and practical flights, hotels, motels, and car rentals (as needed). Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s expenses are reasonable. Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton doesn’t want gourmet meals, fancy restaurants, caviar, escargot or champagne.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton will be happy with some fresh fruits (no melons), nuts, vegetables, berries, and maybe a reasonably priced bottle of Barefoot Wine. Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s assistant’s requirements, however, may vary.

When traveling more than 200 miles round trip, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton expects to devote more than one day to your event, including preparation, rehearsal, and travel.

The estimated expenses in the table below are based on two people (Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton and one assistant) traveling from southern California – ie: LGB, SNA, or LAX airports (where Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton lives). The further away from Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s home, the more time Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton expects to devote to appearances (no sense going a thousand miles just for a single appearance – unless you’re happy with that, and the expenses).

You can expect Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to be available for 2-3 hours for each event, including site inspection, setup (as required), and rehearsal with the host/M.C..

Here are some very rough estimates for inviting Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to appear, present, speak, M.C., sing (Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is at least as good at singing as Rosanne) at events for various example locations. Actual costs may be lower, depending on travel deals, and how much help your group provides in the way of hosting see hosting requirements below, ground transportation, etc.):

Remember these figures are estimates and tend to be on the high side… Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton would rather you are relieved when you hear the final cost, than ticked off… Obviously Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has little control over airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses, but will certainly shop for the most practical prices. And you may be able to find someone to host Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton and his assistant (and possibly a dog or two or three), which could save a lot on hotel expenses while we’re in the area. But there are some very specific requirements for hosting us – see hosting requirements below.

Ken Bob Saxton’s Assistant

If my wife, or someone else I know is available, I will bring them along to help me with set up, video recording, etc.. If no one I know is available to travel with me, this will NOT lower the price, as I will need to do more prep work to set up and video record myself, or train a volunteer on site.

Sharing Expenses with Multiple Events

Cathy and Herman ready for a summer road trip

Cathy and Herman ready for a summer road trip

Every couple or few years, Cathy and Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, and theirReport at PsychoHerman.comReport at, have taken extended road trips around the United States to visit family and promote Running Barefoot.

If your summer event fits in with Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s future travel plans, we could save money on air-fare. However we would require extremely dog-friendly accommodations (Herman is 80-85 pounds including a few pounds of hair).

To invite Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton to speak at your event, use the contact form below (let us know if and which accommodations, lodging, ground transport, you can provide (this can save lots of money).

Publicity for your next Event

When Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton makes an appearance at your event, that includes publicity about your event posted on this website and/or one of Ken Bob’s Report at

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s Qualifications

My Roadies; Flo Saxton, Pat Saxton, Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour

My Roadies; Flo Saxton, Pat Saxton, Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has been speaking and presenting at seminars, race expos, business meetings, and barefoot running festivals (eg: NYC Barefoot Run and Boston Barefoot Running Festival, The Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour, and more.) for several years.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is and has been holding formal (shoes not required) and informal (spur of the moment) Running Barefoot “Play-Fun-Shops” since before 1990.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s career at California State University since 1985, has included recording professional seminars, conferences, and working with professional presenters. He has learned what works and what doesn’t work in presentations and public appearances.


Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton DOES know some American Sign Language (ASL), and can use it in his speaking engagements (though at a slower pace – if you can provide an ASL interpreter, that would be MUCH better).

Outline of Presentation(s)

Typically Barefoot Ken Bob can provide presentations based loosely on the following (but not limited to) topics:

  • The path to becoming a barefoot running guru (short intro of who Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is, where he came from, and why you should listen to him)
  • What you think you know about barefoot running is probably wrong, especially if you got that information from a shoe manufacturer or sales person.
  • How barefoot running helps prevent injuries
  • Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s graceful barefoot running technique (short intro)
  • Why many runners in minimalist  (“barefoot”) shoes are injured?
  • Why it can be dangerous to learn to run “barefoot” on “barefoot friendly” terrain
  • How shoes get in the way of learning safe running technique
  • Why people who grow up barefoot tend to be better runners
  • How NOT to break your feet in “Barefoot Shoes”!
  • It IS about technique, not what’s on your feet…
  • … why are so many shod runners injured so often?
  • Why don’t (more) elite athletes race barefoot?
  • When and where and why use minimalist footwear?
  • What about glass and other hazards?
  • Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s graceful barefoot running technique (detailed version)
  • Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s thought on other topics (let me know what you want to hear about – it’s all related to Running Barefoot in one way and/or another)
  • Questions and Answers

Personal Stories

Woven into these topics will likely be related stories from Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s personal experiences running and racing barefoot throughout his life, as well as stories shared with him by other barefoot runners through the Original Running Barefoot website (founded in 1997 May), and various online Forums (of which Ken Bob is owner/moderator of at least 2).

Presentation Length

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has a difficult time knowing when to shut up, so he can provide presentations for 30 minutes to an hour or more easily. And with a little wine, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has been known to ramble for way longer discussions.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton would also like to offer an informal and free Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop while in the area, either as part of your event, or at a nearby park on a day or evening after your event (that way we can invite attendees of your event to the Play-Fun-Shop), or prior to your event (that way we can invite attendees of the Play-Fun-Shop to your event). In either case, we would consider and thank your event/establishment as the sponsor for the free event (both on this website and at the event – if you remind me).


If you have a projection system which Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton can connect to his notebook computer (VGA output, and mini-headphone plug), then we’re all set. Otherwise Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton can bring his own projector and screen (or a bed sheet if not driving his car all the way to your event) and a small portable PA System ( You will need to provide AC power providing at least 750 watts of power). This may increase the cost for shipping, or excess baggage when flying to your location.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton: Producer

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio/TV/Film from CSULB – same school as Steven Spielberg – but it only took Ken Bob 8 years to graduate (Spielberg took 30…)! So be prepared for the possibility that Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton will force your audience to sit through some short movies (may even be related to the topic of your event).

Hosting Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Look folks, if you thought hosting an individual as complex and interesting as Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton would be simple, then you should just drag someone off the street for your event. Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton won’t be too offended.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is willing to unroll Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s sleeping bag in a friendly host’s spare bedroom, living room, basement, even your garage …

However, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is not willing to stay just anywhere, under any conditions. He’s sensitive (it even says so in his book).

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is sensitive to the smell and taste and touch of the following:

    • coffee (almost immediately)
    • animal flesh cooking (after a minute or so)
    • cigars (almost immediately)
    • cigarettes (almost immediately)
    • melons (never, ever feed Barefoot Ken Bob melons)
    • perfumes (almost immediately)
    • colognes (almost immediately)
    • fabric softeners (almost immediately)
    • synthetic fabrics (after a few hours or more)
    • etc.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton’s sensitivity to these items range from “bothers a little” (ie: melons, as long as I don’t eat them), to “nausea” after several minutes (ie: perfumes, colognes), to irritating to the touch, as well as smell (fabric softener, and to a lessor degree, synthetic fabrics), to extreme nausea and headaches after less than a minute (ie: coffee and cigars). Most of the time Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton can tolerate these pollutants in small doses. However, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton has no desire to compound already stressful travel with further and unnecessary discomfort.

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is Vegan

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton does not want to pick the pieces of dead animal carcass, cheese, and eggs from a “normal” meal.

If you don’t know or understand what “Vegan” means … or what it means to be sensitive to pollutants (like those listed above), then a nearby cheap animal friendly hotel would be the simpler solution. Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton is resourceful and can bring his own natural bedding and clothing, and figure out how to obtain Vegan food in most any town.

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This contact form is for publicity contacts (journalists, etc.), invites for barefoot running guest speakers, offers of sponsorship, RSVPs to events, etc..

If you have questions, answers, comments, stories, etc. related to running barefoot, or are curious why you got injured by running in “barefoot shoes”, please share publicly to benefit from and add to our global knowledge base about barefoot running. This idea of sharing our stories, questions, comments, etc. is the reason Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton established the original Running Barefoot website in 1997.

The Running Barefoot Forum (includes links to other Barefoot Running information)