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Advanced Running: Introducing, Moving Forward

How to Run Barefoot – or, at least, “as if you were barefoot” The first thing a runner must know is how to run properly. Everything else follows from there. – Gordon Pirie, Running Fast and Injury Free Remember to … read more


two boys in stroller, Alan, Ken Bob, Mr. Bill (hanging from Kay's leash, and Kay playing Tug 'O' war with leash

IBRD Los Angeles

Alan, his two sons, PsychoKay.com, Mr. Bill, and myself ran, walked, rolled, and dangled about 4K on the Bolsa Chica State Beach multi-use path, that’s about 7 pairs of bare feet (being a dog, Kay has two pairs of feet). … read more


Herman Running in Lake

ApR1L Fo0ls D@y POsT

Enjoy some humorous and/or fun barefoot running videos… and finally, Psycho Herman running barefoot through a mountain lake in Bachelor Gulch, Colorado read more

Instructional Videos

Brian Mackenzie; The Benefits of Barefoot

The Benefits of Going Barefoot with Brian Mackenzie

Published on Nov 4, 2016 (on YouTube) Most of us spend our day in shoes. We go to work in shoes, do errands in shoes, and work out in shoes. There’s also a shoe for every activity we do, making … read more


Mark Cucuzzella holds summer camps to teach running techniques

Mark Cucuzzella holds summer camps to teach running techniques

By Erin Miller | emiller@whag.com Published 07/22 2016 06:58PM …Cucuzzella runs barefoot–and has been doing so for the past five years… http://www.your4state.com/news/west-virginia/a-shepherdstown-man-goes-the-distance-to-inspire-young-runners read more


Ken Bob's broken foot - 5 months later, Halloween. Should I be worried about the green color of myfoot?

Broken Foot – “Final” report … maybe

Introduction I was going to wait until after the 2014 November lunchtime Boeing 5K race to write this final report. But, I didn’t race that day. Also, I wasn’t able to race in the December lunchtime Boeing 5K (it’s a … read more


How to Give Your Money to Ken Bob

How to Give Your Money to Ken Bob

How to Give Away Your Money Many (well, maybe one or two, at least) of you have been complaining that I don’t offer enough ways for you to thank me for helping you learn how to teach yourselves to run … read more


Global Barefoot Awards 2016

Global Barefoot Awards 2016

Welcome to the Global Barefoot Awards, hosted by Primal Lifestyle. This is a free, fun and gratitude-oriented awards ceremony to celebrate the efforts of many people, from many fields, who have worked hard to bring a greater truth to the … read more