Clean Feet

If possible, rinse your feet and rub them gently before going in your's or a friend's house

If possible, rinse your feet and rub them gently before going in your's or a friend's house


How do I clean my feet after running?

Let the water do the cleaning. Do not try to scrub your feet hard. This will stimulate the growth of callus, and micro-abrasions can also become infected (especially if you put your damaged feet inside shoes).

If you haven’t cleaned your feet adequately outside, then wash them inside as soon as practical (preferably before tracking dirt all over the house). Try to enter via a door near a restroom, preferably near a bath tub or shower.

If the shower or tub is one of the newer plastic tubs (rather than cast iron covered with porcelain) then be extra careful not to grind your soles into the floor of the tub/shower. Better yet, be careful no matter the surface, and even when you aren’t in the shower – after all, whenever you’re not running, you can still practice some of the techniques for improving your running.

So, first get the floor of the shower/tub wet, then gently step into the shower/tub, without grinding or twisting your feet when they are on the floor. Now continue spraying water on them (if in a shower), or soaking in the tub while lifting your feet one at a time and setting them down gently. Let the water soak in for a few seconds/minutes.

Then take a wet and soapy scrub pad or washcloth and GENTLY scrub your soles while still spraying water (or soaking) on your feet.

Rinse some more, and then rinse again. If you’re going to put shoes on your feet, be sure to dry them thoroughly, even between the toes. Also wear absorbent socks, preferably natural fiber. Better yet, whenever practical, set your feet free and let them breath.

Supplemental Washing

In addition to regular washing, take any opportunity that is practical to get your feet wet. Run in the rain, walk through puddles (if you’re reasonably certain there isn’t dangerous debris hidden in the water or mud), walk or run in shallow water along the beach, walk or run, occasionally on wet grass,e tc..

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