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Los Angeles Marathon Barefoot Runner’s Photos 2014 March 9

John Killmond

John Killmond


Arrived just as the first elites were passing by, so didn’t set up the canopy. Instead, just me, a folding chair, a couple of cameras, and my big floppy straw hat. Turns out I also forgot to turn on autofocus on the digital SLR camera. Well, at least the video camera was in focus. I’ll try to get around to editing that soon…er or later


coming soon

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Alberto Perusset Completes Triple Marathon Barefoot!

Alberto Perusset, Long Beach Marathon 2013 September 13

Summary Two weeks after completing the Long Beach Marathon on 2013 September 13, Alberto Perusset completed his third triple marathon at Lake Tahoe on 2013 September 27-29. Statistics 78.6 miles 17 hours and 87 minutes time for 3 marathons. 3 marathons … read more