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2009 December 31 Low-Tide Fun Run

Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day

The BarefootRunning.com Canopy will be set up at the Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day event

The BarefootRunning.com Canopy will be set up at the Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day event

An International Barefoot Running Day event

It will be a lot more fun, if you show up!

The Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day is part of the third annual International Barefoot Running Day celebration on 2013 May 5 Sunday

International Barefoot Running Day, enjoys a long (3 years “running”) tradition of being the day for barefoot runners everywhere to get together, meet other barefoot runners, socialize, and perhaps even run barefoot a bit. Additionally in northern areas, it’s a day to celebrate the literal coming out of our feet after a long cold winter.

However, in the Los Angeles California area, where we enjoy running barefoot all through our mild winters, International Barefoot Running Day has never seemed like much of a big deal…

That’s about to change!

We know Los Angeles is a busy place, especially on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th). There’s lots of things to do, places to go, and stuff that costs loads of money to enjoy. But don’t let running a marathon, watching your favorite sports team compete, listening to mariachi bands play almost everywhere in the area, going to the theater, a trip to one of several amusement parks, or any of the other thousands of things to do on Cinco De Mayo in Southern California, ruin your chance to enjoy one of the biggest (not physically), most exciting (at least not excruciatingly boring … hopefully), and exclusive (only those who get themselves to Sunset Beach California on 2013 May 5 will be allowed to attend), events in the Southern California area!

One of the Most influential Barefoot Runners of all Time

This is your chance to meet and spend the day with one of the most influential barefoot runners of all time…

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton

…Relax, relax, relax. It’s just me, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton. But there’s more…

If you want to do something fun, exciting, and/or relaxing, that won’t cost an arm and a leg, (probably – do watch out for cars when crossing the street) or really much, if any, more than your transportation to get to Sunset Beach California and home again, come join the Barefoot Running Guru, the co-author of “Barefoot Running Step by Step” (2011), the founder of the original Running Barefoot website (1997), senior adviser for The Barefoot Runners Society, Barefoot consultant for Runner’s World magazine, and inspirational public speaker, Barefoot Ken Bob, for a fun, exciting, and relaxing day at the beach on an island paradise in the Pacific Ocean.

An Island Paradise

It isn't Coney Island, it's better!

It isn’t Coney Island, it’s better!

In addition to Barefoot Ken Bob, join other barefoot runners (if any others show up) for a day on an island paradise, that probably won’t cost you much, if any, more than bus fare to and from your home.

Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops

The low number of people traditionally showing up for the Los Angeles area International Barefoot Running Day is great news for those of you who would like some help from the barefoot running guru, Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton himself, to figure out how to teach yourself how to run barefoot more gently, efficiently, and gracefully.

Ken Bob will hold Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops as requested by those who attend.

Low-Tide FUN Run

2009 December 31 Low-Tide Fun Run

2009 December 31 Low-Tide Fun Run

If you want to run barefoot (or in footwear?), we are planning one scheduled fun run at low-tide on the beach at 1:47 PM until 2:47pm (unless you want to run longer or shorter). Low tide is scheduled at 2:17pm.

Longer Runs?

See the map below for optional longer runs

Relax, Relax, RELAX!

Even if you don’t want to run, or learn how to run, you can just show up and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, with the cool breezes keeping us much cooler than most of the inland areas of Southern California, on a small, nearly hidden beach, technically an island – you will cross one of 3 bridges to get here, unless you swim here, drop out of an airplane, or arrive by watercraft (or witchcraft).

Sunset Viewing

An exclusive viewing of the only sun setting on the west coast on Cinco De Mayo at Sunset Beach California.




Some fruit and nuts will be provided for snacking throughout the day, while they last. There is a drinking fountain, sink, showers, and toilets a few hundred feet away from where we plan to set up the canopy.


  • All day, but, we suggest you arrive early for parking
  • Registration is FREE, day of event, whenever you arrive at the canopy or RSVP at the Barefoot Runners Society, Los Angles Chapter
  • 11:00 am (or earlier): BarefootRunning.com canopy set-up
  • Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops (on request)
  • 1:47 PM – 2:47pm: Low-Tide Fun Run (low tide @ 2:17pm)
  • Snacks, Dinch, or Lunner, or Lunch/Dinner picnic throughout the day
  • 3:54 PM: Moon set
  • take down canopy
  • 7:39 PM: Sunset


Dogs are welcome, except on the actual beach itself

Dogs are welcome, except on the actual beach itself

Dogs are welcome on the greenbelt, and practically everywhere in Sunset Beach, except on the actual beach itself. You might even get a chance to meet the infamous Psycho Herman, who has not only appeared in the popular book, Barefoot Running Step by Step, but also has his very own website!

Parking is FREE!

Parking is FREE, but limited. Spaces fill up quickly on beautiful, sunny, hot Sundays in May, so I suggest arriving early and carpooling, or taking the bus (OCTA Bus 1).


7th street at North Pacific
Sunset Beach CA


View Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Running Barefoot Fun-Play-Shops in a larger map


RSVP at the Barefoot Runners Society:

Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day, Barefoot Runners Society

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