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Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Moving Forward, an Introduction to Barefoot Running

Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Boston Barefoot Running Festival


The goal of running is simply to move the body forward. The goal of running barefoot is to make that process comfortable for our bare soles, which eliminates injurious stresses and strains on, not only the soles of our feet, but also on the whole body.


Come join us for the Boston Barefoot Running Festival, 2012 April 14 and 15 (Boston Marathon weekend).


  • Barefoot Ken Bob Saxotn
  • Dr. Irene Davis
  • Dr. Daniel Lieberman (tentatively)
  • Dr. Daniel Howell
  • Michael Sandler
  • Dr. James Stoxen, D.C.
  • Theresa Withee
  • Preston Curtis
  • and more…


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