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Support “Foot,” the film!


“Foot” is an independent documentary film that explores our current dysfunctional relationship with footwear and our feet.

Since you’re here, I know you already know how underappreciated feet are in the modern world.  But, most people still need to be educated on this!  Director Sarah Heath needs your help to fund production of the new documentary, Foot, that will help people appreciate just how well designed feet really are, and how our reliance on shoes has actually caused us far more harm than good.

Please visit the Indiegogo campaign for this project, here:

Foot (the film)

If you’re not able to contribute to support this project yourself, but you appreciate its importance in helping expand our appreciation of the human body by giving credit to our fabulous feet, please pass it along to someone you think might be interested, to keep spreading the word!

Thanks for your support!



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