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Ken Bob (front), Don, Marlin, Lauren

International Barefoot Running Day (IBRD) Huntington Beach California


A beautiful, sunny day warming up to hot, but pretty comfortable on the beach, at the edge of the water, where we ran 2 – 4 miles at low tide.


We had wine, water, nuts, dates, figs, oranges, and pears at the picnic. And in addition to the six folks who ran the morning low-tide run, we were joined by Ken Bob’s dog, Herman, and Herman’s friend, Stuey.



Ken Bob’s Evaluation of Sockwa X8

Sockwa X8 Evaluation by Barefoot Ken Bob

Summary Sockwa is the ironic sponsor of the 2014 May 4 Sunday, International Barefoot Running Day in Sunset Beach California (IBRD, Sunset Beach CA) Why Running in Shoes Doesn’t Work for Most People Most people quit running early in their lives … read more


BarefootCongress in the Netherlands 2013 May 5

Summary As part of “Rondje Tilburg” we organize, in cooperation with ProRun.nl, Frunning.nl, DutchRoadrunners.nl and Anyones Running, the first congress about Barefoot running in The Netherlands. Barefoot running is getting more and more followers and the organization of “Rondje Tilburg” … read more

Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day

2009 December 31 Low-Tide Fun Run

An International Barefoot Running Day event It will be a lot more fun, if you show up! The Sunset Beach Barefoot Running Day is part of the third annual International Barefoot Running Day celebration on 2013 May 5 Sunday International … read more