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Ken Bob’s Regular Run

Marc and Carolyn visit from Germany 2012 October 18

Summary Just another perfect day… Sunset Beach California at low-tide and sunset. Statistics 6.22 Kilometers (3.9 miles) Map View 10/18/2012 6:04pm in a larger map Related Links Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Play-Fun-Shops Gallery More Ken Bob’s Regular Run and … read more

Naked Foot 5K, Littleton CO

Ken Bob in Colorado

Summary I have a couple more complimentary entries to the Naked Foot 5K in Denver. Post comment below and I will pick the comments I enjoy the most. Story Naked Foot 5K packet pickup tonight and Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop with … read more

Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop (2012 April 28) San Diego CA

Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops (2011 April 17) San Diego, Ca

Summary With Ozzie Gontang Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton (and possibly Roy M Wallack) Where and When 2012 April 28 Saturday 10:00am-12 noon Runner’s Restroom, 2688 East Mission Bay Dr., San Diego, CA Story Ken Bob returns to San Diego California … read more

Hill Session: Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop, with Barefoot Yoshi

Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop (2009 December 9) Central Park west, Huntington Beach CA

Hill Session 2012 June 16 Saturday 8:00am-9:45am Barefoot in Central Park (WEST), Huntington Beach CA Followed at 10:00am by Ken Bob’s Regular Runs Focus will be on running hills (up and down, barefoot or otherwise – but especially techniques/skills related … read more

Barefoot Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop (2012 March 10) Huntington Beach CA

Ken Bob, Barbara, Michelle, Sandy, Daniel (2012 March 10) Huntington Beach CA

Story Barefoot Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop with Barbara, James, Sandy, Michelle, and Daniel Videos Related Links Ken Bob’s Regular Runs Ken Bob’s Running Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve Barefoot Running Step by Step Gallery More Ken Bob’s Regular … read more

Moving Forward, an Introduction to Barefoot Running

Boston Barefoot Running Festival

Summary The goal of running is simply to move the body forward. The goal of running barefoot is to make that process comfortable for our bare soles, which eliminates injurious stresses and strains on, not only the soles of our … read more