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Edgar Ortiz - Surf City Half Marathon 2012

200 Pounds Less and $10,000 Richer, Lynwood Man Can Finally ‘Live Life’

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Edgar Ortiz - Surf City Half Marathon 2012

Edgar Ortiz – Surf City Half Marathon 2012


Two years ago, Lynwood resident Edgar Ortiz would never have believed he would be hiking or running marathons today, let alone weigh 200 pounds less and score $10,000 because of it.

Note: Ortiz ran barefoot in the Surf City Half Marathon 2012…


  • Minus 200 pounds
  • 2 years
  • $10,000 richer


Edgar lived on junk food until his long-time friend, Ruben Cervantes, told him “this needs to change or I am not going to be your friend”. Edgar submitted “before” and “after” photos to Shaklee since he was using their Cinch natural nutrition shakes as part of his weight-loss program and won $10,000!

Edgar Ortiz is a graduate student in the Computer Engineering and Computer Science department of California State University, Long Beach (if that sounds familiar, it might be because Barefoot Ken Bob works in the same department as a computer technician).

The most important “win” for Ortiz is now he can live life!

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