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Way with the shoes – from now on will run barefoot!

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It is not always useful to run after all the trends

woman's feet running on gravel road

It is not always useful to run after all the trends. Among athletes currently is a movement spreading, can become infected by the more and more recreational joggers: Walking barefoot. To the delight of physicians, because the barefoot locomotion is very healthy.

Nature has endowed man with feet to effectively and quickly move on two legs. To this end, she has her foot missed a perfect anatomy that allows us normally to cope with longer distances and difficult terrain without problems. Then the shoes were invented. On the one hand, they provide the foot protection, force him on the other hand, however, in an inflexible package in which he can not play to its strengths. The result: the foot muscles and coordination of most people is stunted. This is not least a cause for the increasing number of foot problems such as buckling, lowering and spreading feet.

Shoes allow the foot atrophy

The reason: By running in shoes we assume a different running style. We’ll take the forefoot with the heel first on the ground. This lost the natural damping of the forefoot. The impact is transmitted directly to the leg. Foot, knee and back pain can be the result. In addition, the many small muscles, ligaments and tendons of the feet are no longer trained. You wither and destabilize the natural arch of the foot.

Barefoot running has many benefits

Barefoot running can help to eliminate these problems and is also a natural and healthy foot training.Because by walking on bare feet, we come to the forefoot. This assumes the natural attenuation of impact and distributes the load over a complex interplay of muscles and ligaments evenly among the different ankle.Furthermore, the Achilles tendon is strengthened, because it provides for a soft landing. And there is even a further positive effect when walking barefoot: Our sole is full of sensitive nerves that make the ground on which we walk, truly felt. In shoes they do not have much to do, but when walking barefoot they are stimulated and have a positive effect on the function of various organs. For example, the blood pressure is regulated. This principle is not least also used in reflexology.

Barefoot parks invite you to walk

Who wants to feel brand new his feet, can visit one of the Germany-wide Barefoot Park. One of the biggest Barefoot Park is located in Dornstetten in the Black Forest with over 170,000 visitors annually. A wide variety of substrates, from pebbles to (abraded) broken glass, invite you to be entered.

Barefoot running is not for everyone

However, those who now enthusiastically wants to hang up his boots at the nail and dive into the naked adventure, which was advised caution. Even barefoot running to be learned. If the foot does not get used, it may cause congestion symptoms. Is best to start slowly by about home barefoot moves. After a few weeks then running sessions in there that you increase slowly. Convenient for runners who do not want to completely do away with footwear are so-called barefoot shoes. They fit like a second skin around the foot, usually have slots for each toe and allow the protected walking barefoot outdoors. In certain diseases, however, one should avoid walking barefoot. These include in particular diabetes and polyneuropathy . They lead to an impaired perception of pain in the foot, which could promote injury. Even with osteoarthritis in the foot or knee should be avoided on barefoot running. For the rest: shoes and feeling on.


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