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Adrian and Bernard

Ken Bob’s Regular Run – Seal Beach Car Show

Bernard had a wonderful idea to run up to Seal Beach (a couple miles north) to the2014 Seal Beach Classic Car Show. We took some photos while there… Our run took us through 3 different cities, and nearly to the edge of Orange County. The total distance; about 6 miles.

Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour

Running Barefoot 2003 Summer Tour logo

Summary Ken Bob’s first Running Barefoot Tour, holding get-togethers, Play-Fun-Shops (clinics, workshops, or whatever you want to call them) Seal Beach CA Boeing Lunchtime 5K (2003 May 12) http://youtu.be/gMuouWyLAUE Denver CO Bus ride to Denver (2003 May 16) Grawn MI … read more