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Ken Bob and Don running downhill

Chino Hills Fun Trail Run (2013 February 24)

mud on Ken Bob's leg

mud on Ken Bob’s leg


10 mile run on hilly trails in Chino Hills, Brea CA

Well, at least it started out as a ten-mile run, but we missed the turn-off, well technically we didn’t miss our turn off, we missed the preceding turnoff, so that when we got to our turnoff, we thought it was the preceding turnoff. Anyway, ended up with about a mile and a half extra.


Stepped on a branch with a thorn. Luckily it was a good sized branch and as I lifted my foot, the weight of the branch pulled the thorn out of my foot, and since there was blood, almost a whole drop of blood, which is one of my more significant foot injuries from running barefoot, I figured I’d better report it here.


coming soon…


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