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Man running barefoot on track, New World Record typed across photo

Three Barefooters to Attempt World Records at Desert Solstice

Featured Image above: Andrew Snope setting 24 hour barefoot running world record in 2016 at Desert Solstice event.

I (Barefoot Ken Bob) will be attending the Desert Solstice race this year (2017 December 9-10). And if allowed, will set up my BarefootRunning.com canopy to support the barefoot runners, provide drinks, rest area, chairs to relax in, snacks, and shoot photos and videos and interviews with the barefoot runners.

Barefoot Jake Brown (who ran across the USA barefoot) let me know about it, and we expect 3 barefoot runners to compete for world records… I’ll let Jake tell it:

“…it’s an invitation only competitive event. One must qualify. There have been 41 American and 10 world records set at DS. Last year, Andrew Snope broke his own barefoot 24hrs record with 138.8 miles. This year there will be three of us competing for that record. One of us is (by my estimates) guaranteed to break the current record. The third player is a guy named Teague O’Connor, who broke the 100k WR this year. I don’t know if you are still in-to this sort of thing, but if you are interested, I would like to help you make the trip to Phoenix for the race on 12/9. I don’t know who the victor will be. I have put my heart and soul into training, and I know Teague and Andrew are serious as well. It’s just a stupid little 1/4 mile track. This will be an important moment in “barefoot running” history, as to my knowledge there has never been such a showdown of elite, unshod athletes. I ran across the USA barefoot, and both Teague and Andrew hold recent records.”

Barefoot Runners

Barefoot Runners we know of who will be competing at 2017 Desert Solstice

  • Jake Brown
  • Andrew Snope
  • Teague O’Connor


Race Info

Race Schedule:
7:00am Sat – Packet/Bib Pickup
8:00am Sat – 24 Hour & 100 Mile Start
8:00am Sun – 24 Hour & 100 Mile End

Central High School track is located at:
4500 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Race website: aravaiparunning.com/desert-solstice/