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Sunset Beach Summer Block Party

Ken Bob’s Nearly 60 Birthday Party!

Pictures from party at Psycho Herman’s website


July 25 Saturday 10AM until 7PM

NOTE: Barefoot Ken Bob actually turns 60 on 2015 July 28 Tuesday.

10AM Fun Run/Walk
11AM Pool Party
1PM Sunset Beach Greenbelt Party


10AM Behind the Pacific/Warner Bus Stop – for FUN RUN/WALK in wetlands (2-3 miles)
11AM Harbor Pacific Pool (behind 16892 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach CA)
1PM Greenbelt, N. Pacific and 7th Street, Sunset Beach CA

Free Parking on Pacific Coast Highway and along the Sunset Beach Greenbelt (arrive early for best parking)

Map to Parties

Map to Parties




  • 10AM Ken Bob’s Regular Run/Walk
  • 11AM Ken Bob’s Nearly 60 Birthday
  • Swimming
  • Hot Tub Soaking
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • 11:30AM Essential Oil Demo by Cathy
  • 11:45AM Raffle
  • Book signing
  • 1PM Sunset Beach Greenbelt Party
  • Live Bands
  • Pot-luck dinner
  • Booze
  • Dancing
  • 6PM begin clean up
  • 7PM Party over


  • Watch here for Sunset Beach Greenbelt Party T-shirt sales (which will help pay for bands, booze, and permits)
  • OR use the PayPal button below
  • Gifts will help pay for bands, booze, and permits
  • NOTE: click the drop-down menu if you want to give more than $10!

How big a gift for the Party?




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Across Pacific Coast Highway at the beach

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