Barefoot Running Step by Step in Japanese!

Ken Bob Saxton with Barefoot Running Step by Step in English and Japanese

Summary Found a copy of Barefoot Running Step by Step translated to Japanese by my friend, Tsuyoshi Yoshino (Barefoot Yoshi) in my mailbox a couple days ago. See link below to purchase from Related Links ベアフット ランニング ステップ バイ ステップ – Barefoot … read more

Barefoot Running – The Movie (2012) Brix

Barefoot Running - The Movie

Story “We had a blast working our tails off last winter, filming the ultimate barefoot running DVD in Maui, Hawaii. You’ll find everything you need to know about safely easing into barefoot running, from foot strengthening to proper posture, running form … read more

200 Pounds Less and $10,000 Richer, Lynwood Man Can Finally ‘Live Life’

Edgar Ortiz - Surf City Half Marathon 2012

Summary Two years ago, Lynwood resident Edgar Ortiz would never have believed he would be hiking or running marathons today, let alone weigh 200 pounds less and score $10,000 because of it. Note: Ortiz ran barefoot in the Surf City … read more