two boys in stroller, Alan, Ken Bob, Mr. Bill (hanging from Kay's leash, and Kay playing Tug 'O' war with leash

IBRD Los Angeles

Alan, his two sons,, Mr. Bill, and myself ran, walked, rolled, and dangled about 4K on the Bolsa Chica State Beach multi-use path, that’s about 7 pairs of bare feet (being a dog, Kay has two pairs of feet).

Weather was about 60F, 50C, with a chilly head wind on the way out, a nice tail wind on the way back. I think this is the coldest IBRD in Los Angeles ever! But pretty nice weather for running barefoot 🙂



About Ken Bob Saxton

founder of Ken Bob's Original (1997) senior adviser for The Barefoot Runners Society (BRS) chapter president of the Los Angeles area chapter of the BRS and lives in Huntington Beach CA