6 comments on “$h!+ Barefoot Runners Say

  1. Funny video (’cause I catch myself doing minimalist/barefoot-speak…ouch!). I’d been reading about the virtues of barefoot running, tried walking around a college track a couple of laps–spent the next week hobbling around with nasty blisters. Then bought a pair of invisibleshoe huaraches–they’re a godsend. Fast forward a few weeks, decided my feet had toughened up enough to handle a mile run around the park, and…yet another round of hobbling blisters. Yes, I’m guilty of B.R.E.S.–but until I’ve developed Firestone thick sole skin, it’s back to my beloved juaraches. BTW, I’m enjoying the read thru Barefoot Running Step by Step, but riding a bike barefoot isn’t wise (p. 126). And I’m not giving away my Merrell Trail Gloves, either. And chia seeds make an interesting sub for eggs in fudge brownies.

    • Agree with you on Chia seeds… but going barefoot isn’t even mostly about tough feet, it’s about learning to listen to what your feet are telling you about not abusing them. Get off the track, and find a hard rough surface where you can actually feel more precisely how your feet are interacting with the ground. Chances are your feet are sliding a bit on the track and you’re not even aware of it. Such mistakes won’t be forgiven so easily on a rough hard surface (gravel or rough asphalt), and you will make more of an effort to change the way you’re standing (yes, don’t even begin with running or walking until you play with standing), secondly, the rough terrain won’t encourage you to fall for B.R.E.S. Have fun

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