Ken Bob, Vanessa, Ginger, Shacky, Todd, Herman

Surf City Marathon (2013 February 3)

Ken Bob, Vanessa, Ginger, Shacky, Todd, Herman

Ken Bob, Vanessa, Ginger, Shacky, Todd, Herman



Great time hanging out at the beach, cheering runners on, and shooting barefoot runners (with cameras). Missed the first barefoot runner, when a neighbor came up to chat with me for a bit. Also, didn’t seem to be any official aid stations nearby, so many 4+ hour marathoners enjoyed the fact that we had some food and water available.


  • 26.2 miles

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12 comments on “Surf City Marathon (2013 February 3)

  1. Ughh. I thought it was next week 2/10! I really wanted to stop down. Really sorry I missed the chance to hang and help out. If I bring a copy of the book to a regular run is an autograph still possible?
    Thanks and congrats to all the finishers (especially the BF ones!)

  2. Thank you, Ken Bob and Todd and everyone, for being there with us, barefooters. Your presence lifted my spirit up at miles 21-22 when the energy was getting low, the ache and pain were getting intense, and the soles were getting sore. I wish I had more time with you guys!!! — Huy T Phan, a barefooter in Irvine, CA.

  3. Everyone looks so wonderful. Love to see my friends in pictures, since I can’t see them in person.

    Seems like this non-barefoot specific race had more barefoot runners than any other I’ve seen. To me, that’s progress.

    And, you have a boo-boo in the title, Ken Bob. It should say 2013, not 2003. Hee.


  4. TJ, Thanks, fixed the boo boo.
    We encouraged people to get a little “taste” of barefooting, as they passed by. Todd and I had written in chalk on the path, to lose the shoes for a free photo on the way back (we were just 1/4 mile or so from the turnaround). So many of the people had only barefooted a small bit. Several others had removed their shoes much earlier due to pain. In any case, it seems like this is a good way of promoting barefooting, plus we got to help out fellow runners, shod or not.

  5. Albert,
    I don’t have any plans to be in Los Angeles for the marathon. Too expensive. Though perhaps I could set up the canopy along the course like we did at Surf City?

  6. Yeah, set up the canopy at LA marathon! That would fantastic! Post where you’ll be if you decide to do it. I’ll bring my camera and be ready to help out/cheer the BFers.


  7. If someone will provide bags of oranges, bananas, apples, etc, and bottled water, I will bring the canopy to the Los Angeles Marathon.

    I’m thinking somewhere on the greenbelt on San Vincente, maybe between Bundy and 26th street (around mile 23).

    Any thoughts

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