Doc Wolfe’s Aching Feet Soup

Add aching or tired feet to soup

Add aching or tired feet to soup


  • about 1-2 cups Epsom salt
  • a bit of baking soda, maybe 1/4 cup
  • a bit of table salt, maybe a tablespoon or two
  • a gallon or two or three of hot tap water (about as hot as you can stand)
  • a bucket/pan big enough to relax your feet in.
  • Two aching bare feet


Mix all the ingredients, except the feet, in the bucket.

Put the tub in front of your most comfortable/favorite chair, and sit down on the chair.

Insert your two aching feet into the mixture. If it’s too hot, pull your feet out, and wait a few minutes.

If the mixture is still too hot, leave your feet in, only as long as you can stand without burning. then pull them out, and let your feet cool off a bit more. Then put your feet back in again, until you can’t stand the heat again. And pull your feet out again, to cool off for another bit. (this may also help condition your soles for those hot pavement runs in the summer)

Naturally, each time you do this, the water will be cooling off a bit as well, and you should be able to stand it longer and longer each time. (also your feet may be getting used to the heat).

Before the water is cold, your feet are done.

You can reheat the mixture for use later the same day, or the following day, as desired.

If you have a lake, ocean, pond, river, or other body of cool water, you can alternate between wading in the cool water and the hot foot soak.

Do NOT eat the aching feet soup, or the feet! Or you just might get caught with your foot in your mouth!


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