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Special Mindful Running Interview Announcement



I was recently interviewed by Michael Sandler, my “arch nemesis” and author of the other book Barefoot Running and also the Creator of The Mindful Running Program.

Bloody 911 Run (1998 May 10) Silverado Canyon, Orange CA

Bloody 911 Run (1998 May 10) Silverado Canyon, Orange CA

This was an awesome interview and we covered:

  • How I went from shoes to barefoot and ran 79 marathons that way!
  • Be BLOWN AWAY by these words “I am not a purist,” and learn why there’s a time and a place for everything, even a shoe.
  • Discover the importance of continuous movement, even if you’re recovering from injury, and learn the secret Run Nap Run method to marathon success!

Discover how Psycho Herman the dog, has helped control the pace and helped his master (me) to heal. And discover the benefits of barefoot running

  • for your feet and joints, for running and walking strong & healthy for a lifetime.

Just go here to signup for the interview:

CLICK HERE: Interview with Ken Bob and Michael Sandler

Road Less Traveled 10-mile Trail Race (1997 May 17) Chino Hills CA

Road Less Traveled 10-mile Trail Race (1997 May 17) Chino Hills CA

Michael is going to be launching a powerful program called Mindful Running very shortly and when you sign up for the interview you will also get 3 free training videos and learn more about his program.

When you watch the interview please be sure to leave a comment.

Thank you,

Ken Bob Saxton

P.S.  Mindful Running is all about combining healing techniques, natural running form, and meditation. He is launching the program very shortly…Listen to our interview here:


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3 comments on “Special Mindful Running Interview Announcement

  1. I thought some of your interview paralleled, in a lot of ways, with my own experience with injury, so I thought I’d share. I originally posted this in the comments on the interview page but then thought you might not go back and check that page much.

    Two weeks ago today I broke my second metatarsal running a race. I happened to be barefoot when it happened. Some people think it broke because I did the race barefoot and wonder if I learned my lesson. Surprisingly, neither my family doctor, nor the orthopedic surgeon think this, though. The surgeon said people break bones in their feet all of the time. 99% of those people are wearing shoes! He suggested the fracture could have been adaptive, but I think it was from some poor biomechnics. One thing shoes may have potentially helped with would be to have reduced the severity of my fracture. It is a full length hairline fracture, meaning it split through the full diameter of the bone but each end of the bone remained tightly butted up against one another, ie, remained non-displaced (thankfully). The cushioning of a shoe may have prevented the fracture from fully breaking the bone, and remain only a stress fracture, but the healing process and time off is exactly the same. Plus, this one hurt enough that I wouldn’t be tempted to continue to run on it as someone might be with only a stress fractures in shoes, since the shoes can mask the issue and greatly prolong the healing process.

    As it turns, the spot of my foot that broke is an extremely common area, and mine likely resulted from some stiffness and dysfunction in my first metatarsal ( a nearly imperceptible amount of stiffness). When the beefier first metatarsal isn’t as mobile as it should be it may not come into contact with the ground like it should and thus the load remains on the more delicate second metatarsal. I think it happens mostly during the mid and late stance phases of the the gait cycle. You should come off of your first metatarsal but if it is too stiff you may come off of the second.

    My healing process has been similar to yours, Ken Bob. I wore a splint for the first 3 days, but would take most of it off (all but the inner sock lining) for several hours each day. I constantly wiggled my toes, did gentle ROM exercises, and did the whole RICE thing. On the 3rd day I saw the orthopedic surgeon who thankfully told me no cast or boot needed. He did recommend a stiff shoe to help disperse the pressure as I hobble around. I’ve found my slippers and Altra One’s to work the best for this, and he was right, they do take some of the edge off. Also, using Correct Toes has helped quite a bit. They align my otherwise disgruntled toes on that foot perfectly and force that first metatarsal into better position which better supports the second metatarsal. I didn’t think I’d like them, but I am now pleased to say that I do! They allow me to walk flat footed and not so much on the edge of that foot. I’ve been walking some and can sort of go down the stairs and flex that ankle forward. I’m hoping to be run ready again in about 4 weeks from now. Good interview, thanks for sharing! VIVA barefooted living!

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