How to Give Your Money to Ken Bob

How to Give Your Money to Ken Bob

How to Give Away Your Money

Many (well, maybe one or two, at least) of you have been complaining that I don’t offer enough ways for you to thank me for helping you learn how to teach yourselves to run and walk more efficiently. Well, now, in addition to all the shopping options in the right-hand column on this website, I’ve added a PayPal link, with suggested amounts to contribute. I don’t call these contributions “donations” for a couple of reasons. First of all, because you have already received something for you money (or no money, if you cannot afford, or choose not to pay) which is whatever help I have provided to you, which you’ve acknowledged by the fact that you’re sending me money. Secondly, if I receive more than $200,000 in any year in “donations” I would need to be a non-profit charity of some sort. And though I may complain about greed and monopolies of SOME huge multi-national corporations taking advantage of their power, that doesn’t mean I do not believe in profiting from my labor… And unlike some of those greedy corporations, I do believe in paying taxes on my income.

You Want to Give me Your Money, Go Ahead, Do it!

I want to thank Ken Bob this much!

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founder of Ken Bob's Original (1997) senior adviser for The Barefoot Runners Society (BRS) chapter president of the Los Angeles area chapter of the BRS and lives in Huntington Beach CA

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  1. Think of the money you didn’t need to spend on shoes this year (and for the rest of your life), and give just a fraction of that to the fellow who “sold” you on the idea of barefoot running 😉