Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shop

Why “Play-Fun-Shop”? Because “workshop” sounds too much like work, and “Clinic” sounds too clinical.


By Appointment – Contact Ken Bob at least one week in advance to schedule a Play-Fun-Shop and/or Ken Bob’s Irregular Run at the Old Same Place (minimum of 1 attendee)

Other Locations

Contact Ken Bob (3 months in advance) to start planning a Play-Fun-Shop elsewhere. (minimum of 7 confirmed attendees). Appropriate Accommodations may need to be provided.

For the time-being, Ken Bob is not planning to travel beyond reasonable driving distance from Huntington Beach, California (California, Arizona, Southern Nevada, or Southern Utah).


Saturdays, Meet at the Old Same Place same place we meet for Ken Bob’s Regular Runs (8AM Saturdays)
The Old Same Place
Near Warner near Pacific Coast Highway
3500 Warner Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
behind the Warner-Pacific Bus Stop, Huntington Beach, CA
Meet by the northwest-most restroom (Bolsa Chica State Beach)
(Free Parking in Sunset Beach, or on PCH, when available)

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At least in the Old Same Place location, as well as other select (selected by Ken Bob) locations.


I really care about you, not just those of you who have a lot of money (I like you too, but not exclusively). I have seen too many people, start out, especially in “barefoot shoes”, trying to run the way they BELIEVE they are supposed to run while barefoot (based on footwear commercials and sensationalized media reports), rather than figuring out how to actually run while barefoot, in such a way as to avoid repetitive stress injuries!

Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shops are FREE, most importantly, because if I’ve done my job, you won’t need much, if any, coaching from me.

Our soles become our primary coaches … okay fine, you might want professional coaching, if you’re going to be a professional runner, then at least the expense might be tax deductible (NOTE: I’m not a tax accountant, so seek advice from your own trusted professional tax accountant before writing off coaching expenses). But, I’m not a professional coach – I just help people run more gently, so they can run more often, and have more fun.

HOWEVER!!! If you have been convinced that barefoot running is all about toughening your soles to withstand abuse, or all about how your foot “strikes” the ground, or (don’t laugh, this is more common – and, sadly, dangerous – than one might think) that barefoot running is all about choosing the right “barefoot shoes”,  then, you really could use my help. PLEASE request a Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shop!

If you really want to pay!

Please wait until AFTER attending Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shop before figuring out how much (or if) it was worth paying for.

How much Was it Worth to you?
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