Accomodation and Venue Requirements

Barefoot Running and Walking Play-Fun-Shops

Ken Bob will need a location (indoors or out – with shelter from potential bad weather) to hold Barefoot Running and Walking Play-Fun-Shops, as well as a variety of terrains, trails, and/or sidewalks to practice barefoot walking and running techniques. Public parks may be acceptable as long as permits are reasonable, free, or not required. Terrain should include both barefoot friendly (groomed lawns, smooth sidewalks, hard-pack sand or dirt), as well as barefoot challenging (gravel, rough pavement, twigs, etc.). A grassy hill to practice uphill and downhill techniques would be a wonderful bonus.


Cathy can teach yoga at same locations as Barefoot Running and Walking Play-Fun-Shops  (indoors or out – with shelter from rain).

SUP Yoga

Optionally, if lake, paddle board equipment, and time is available, Cathy also teaches Stand-Up Paddle-board (SUP) and SUP Yoga


Dogs must be welcome in both the venue and lodging. Attendees are encouraged to bring their dog running and walking partners.


Your Home:

Ken Bob is sensitive to the smell of smoke, coffee, and melons. While these sensitivities are not severe, Ken Bob will want to relax and rest the day/night before holding any Play-Fun-Shop, and he can’t do that if he is coughing, nauseous, and/or vomiting.

Also Psycho Kay, or new puppy, will be traveling nearly everywhere with Ken Bob and/or Cathy, so if there are any members of your household who have allergies, fears, or other issues with dogs, then we don’t want to impose ourselves on you either.

If your household is willing to abstain from brewing and/or drinking coffee while hosting us, and your home is dog-friendly (cats are okay, as long as they have a place/room to hide from a young playful, currently 55-pound, puppy who would love to chase them)


It may be simpler to provide a lodging at a pet-friendly hotel nearby. We’re not opposed to cheap hotels, and many chains now have Pet Friendly Hotel Pet Policies. Be aware that most hotels have size limitations for pets. Kay currently weighs about 55 pounds, but may still be growing.


We are Vegan, so we’ll usually bring our own food. Kay eats vegetarian kibble, but is not strictly Vegan or vegetarian. I’m sure he would eagerly accept occasional meaty treats from friends. (note: rawhide chews may cause vomiting)



Visiting our family and friends is, of course, a vacation. But we’re not asking you folks to pay for our vacation. We live at the beach in Southern California because we love being here. We love the climate. We love the people (most of them, most of the time, anyway). If we didn’t live here, we would certainly want to vacation here. Contrary to popular misconceptions, people do not vacation here for the warm winters (they’re actually a little chilly). People come here for the cool summers at the beach. Other than getting to visit with and meet other folks, for us, traveling to most other places is not a vacation.

So we’re not asking you to pay for our vacation, but we are asking if you want us to come talk, teach gentle running techniques and the true benefits of actually walking and running barefoot, along with some Yoga sessions, maybe some SUP? If so, donations are not required, but would certainly be appreciated.

All plans are subject to changes
until after they occur
So you might want to wait to donate
after you have enjoyed
Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shop

Help Ken Bob Help You,, and and me personally, are footing the bill for the travel on this trip (which means it will likely be operating at a loss). However, It would be nice to receive some form of voluntary contributions from hosts/attendees at Ken Bob’s Play-Fun-Shops in each location. Keep in mind that we would not be holding these stops unless you invited us and because you believe there would be some value in learning from Barefoot Ken Bob and Cathy (and maybe PsychoKay too?). And if you went to almost any other coach, for such an event you might be required to pay hundreds of dollars per person.

In other words, if you ask us to stop in your area, don’t gripe that we are asking for donations. We do not enjoy asking, but we would rather ask for donations than require several hundreds of dollars from each participant, and leave out those who cannot afford.

There will be no minimum attendance, no minimum donations required at each stop. However, we will determine which cities we stop in, based on how far out of our way they are along the way.