Ken Bob’s Regular Runs


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, Huntington Beach CA
  • Saturdays at 10am, Huntington Beach CA

Fun Run

It’s FUN to run for fun with old friends, and new friends we haven’t met yet. It can be even more fun while barefoot! But feel free and welcome to bring, and wear your footwear if you feel necessary (just try to run gently, so as not to disturb the peace and quite of the barefoot runners). And Ken Bob, with all his months, years, decades, actually about half-a-century of experience running barefoot may be able to help you understand how barefoot running can help you learn to teach yourself how to run more gracefully … so maybe you won’t need those “cheaters” after all :-)

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Because I would rather convince millions of people to run or walk a few miles a few times each week, than
convince a few people to run 100 mile ultra-marathon races

Ken Bob’s Barefoot Play-Fun-Shop!

Saturday morning at 9:00 AM – ON REQUEST (please let me know at least a few days in advance if you want a Play-Fun-Shop on a Saturday at 9:00 AM at the old same place – also wait for me to confirm – I could be out of town that day, or busy with something else)

Why “Play-Fun-Shop”? Because “workshop” sounds too much like work, and “Clinic” sounds too clinical.



Just because Ken Bob’s Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops are free, doesn’t mean they’re worthless. It’s just that Ken Bob really cares about you, not just those of you who have a lot of money (he like you too, but not exclusively). Ken Bob has seen too many people, both who can afford coaching, professional advice, and his book (Barefoot Running Step by Step), start out, especially in “barefoot shoes”, trying to run the way they BELIEVE they are supposed to run while barefoot (based on sound bites from the footwear commercials and sensationalized media reports), rather than figuring out how to actually run while barefoot, in such a way as to avoid repetitive stress injuries!

Ken Bob’s Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops are FREE, most importantly, because if I’ve done my job, you won’t need much, if any, coaching from me. Our soles remind us  (when we bare them on rough terrain), immediately and emphatically when we’re using sloppy technique. In essence, our soles become our primary coaches … okay fine, if you’re going to be a professional runner, then at least the expense might be tax deductible (NOTE: I’m not a tax accountant, so seek advice from your own trusted professional tax accountant before writing off coaching expenses).

HOWEVER!!! If you have been convinced that barefoot running is all about toughening your soles to withstand abuse, or all about how your foot strikes the ground, or (don’t laugh, this is more common than you might think) that barefoot running is all about choosing the right “barefoot shoes”,  then, you really do need my help. PLEASE come ask me about Ken Bob’s Barefoot Play-Fun-Shops!

If my mini-Play-Fun-Shop, or this website, or the book Barefoot Running Step by Step helps you in anyway, then, say “thanks Ken Bob”. But if you have happen to have some extra money laying around, you can also thank Ken Bob  by telling all your friends (and enemies) to buy  Barefoot Running Step by Step. Also if you need and/or want stuff, use the links in the right column to shop or donate –>>>


At these regular fun runs, there are several choices of terrain, and we usually decide as a group before starting each individual run.


  • The Old Same Place
  • Meet by the restroom
  • at Bolsa Chica State Beach
  • behind the Warner-Pacific Coast Hwy Bus Stop
  • by Warner and Pacific Coast Highway
  • Huntington Beach, CA 92649

See Map for parking, hotels, etc.

We’re meeting here all year round. Parking may be a bit more difficult in the summer. But, since we’re at the beach show up early and enjoy the beach until it’s time for the run.


  • FREE Parking in Sunset Beach behind the Travelodge Ocean Front, Sunset Beach
  • FREE Parking along the Sunset Beach greenbelt (between North Pacific Avenue and South Pacific Avenue from 4th street to Anderson street)
  • FREE Parking on Pacific Coast Highway
  • PAID parking in Bolsa Chica State Beach parking lot – requires California State Park pass (daily or annual)


AT LEAST 24 hours prior if you want confirmation that Barefoot Ken Bob will be there.

If nobody RSVPs, don’t expect anyone to be waiting for you! Ken Bob is generally on time, or a few minutes before, and we tend to start running right on schedule, or even a minute early. And sometimes if no one shows up, Ken Bob may not bother to show up either.

If nobody RSVPs Ken Bob may stay home and read a book, enjoy an early dinner, or watch television. So, plan to arrive a few minutes early.

If you expect to be a few minutes late, contact Ken Bob. He does check his E-mail and text messages (NOT so much Facebook or Twitter) occasionally.


View Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Running Barefoot Fun-Play-Shops in a larger map

Where is Ken Bob

You have arrived at the above location, or nearby, or are supposed to meet up with Ken Bob early, but can’t find him anywhere?
Here is a real time map of where Ken Bob is (when the app is running)

Free real-time tracking. Free GPS tracker. Show your location live on Google Maps. Free for your Android phone.

2013-07-01 Moving Forward, Lake Aquitaine Park, Mississauga ON Canada

2013-07-01 Moving Forward, Lake Aquitaine Park, Mississauga ON Canada

Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced

Just starting out barefoot, running or walking? Afraid to take your shoes off, but want to reap some of the benefits of Barefoot Running? Having some problems getting the concepts of barefoot running technique? Want to run with Barefoot Ken Bob and see how long he can run while rambling on and on about barefoot running, the beauty of nature, the latest movie he watched, or book he read, etc.? It’s a run, and/or a mini-play-fun-shop, or just a rambling walk near the beach.

So here I am, if you’re in the area, you have no excuse for not seeking advice before beginning to run barefoot, or trying to avoid it!

And if you feel guilty about taking advantage of my “charity”, BUY MY BOOK!


For other Barefoot Running Events see the Running Barefoot Calendar


Barefoot Ken Bob will “usually” be there (but not always depending on other commitments). A couple of locals sometimes show up, and frequently guests visiting from out of state or country.

All are welcome, wheelchairs can be accommodated on the State Beach multi-use path and Ken Bob knows (some) American Sign Language (ASL).

We even welcome people who are impaired with footwear – but please try to run quietly, or you’ll be a bother to us nearly silent barefoot runners!


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