Regular Runs/Walks

Ken Bob’s Regular Runs/Walks

Bolsa Chica Wildlife Preserve wetlands

Bolsa Chica Wildlife Preserve wetlands


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, Huntington Beach CA
  • Saturdays at 10am, Huntington Beach CA

Sometimes Ken Bob is out of town or busy. Check the Calendar to confirm the event is being held any given day. Then RSVP, to let Ken Bob know you’ll be there (this insures he will show up, if he is available – because often no one else will be there)

Also, if you are interested in some barefoot running/walking instruction, be sure to request a Play-Fun-Shop on Saturday at 8:30AM prior to Ken Bob’s Regular Run


  • The Old Same Place
  • Meet by the restroom
  • at Bolsa Chica State Beach
  • behind the Warner-Pacific Coast Hwy Bus Stop
  • by Warner and Pacific Coast Highway
  • Huntington Beach, CA 92649

See Map for parking, hotels, etc.

We’re meeting here all year round. Parking may be a bit more difficult in the summer. But, since we’re at the beach show up early and enjoy the beach until it’s time for the run. Bike, bus, carpool, or run here! The weather is nice, usually…

Find more about Weather in Sunset Beach, CA
Click for weather forecast

Fun Run/Walk

It’s FUN to run and/or walk for fun with old friends and new friends we haven’t met yet. It can be even more fun while barefoot! But feel free and welcome to bring, and wear your footwear if you feel necessary (just try to run gently, so as not to disturb the peace and quite of the barefoot runners). And Ken Bob, with all his months, years, decades, actually about half-a-century of experience running barefoot may be able to help you understand how barefoot running can help you learn to teach yourself how to run and walk more gracefully … so maybe you won’t need those “cheaters” after all :-)


Because it’s more important to me to try to convince millions of people to run or walk a few miles a few times each week, than to convince a few hard-core runners to compete in extraordinary running events.


Where we normally meet for Ken Bob’s Regular Runs and Walks we have several terrains to choose from;

  • Dirt trails (some gravel, some acorns)
  • Asphalt multi-use path (shared with bicycles, skateboards, rollerbladers, dogs, and other runners)
  • Grass (one of the most dangerous terrains for barefoot running)
  • Soft sand (another dangerous terrain for barefoot running)
  • hard-pack sand (depending on time of low-tide)
  • Concrete sidewalks (ironically, one of the most comfortable terrains for barefoot running)

Show up, and we’ll discuss and decide what’s best for that day, time, weather, your experience, etc.


  • FREE Parking in Sunset Beach behind the Travelodge Ocean Front, Sunset Beach
  • FREE Parking along the Sunset Beach greenbelt (between North Pacific Avenue and South Pacific Avenue from 4th street to Anderson street)
  • FREE Parking on Pacific Coast Highway (north side)
  • PAID parking in Bolsa Chica State Beach parking lot – requires California State Park pass (daily or annual)


Check the Calendar to confirm the event is being held any given day, then RSVP

AT LEAST 2 days prior if you want confirmation that Barefoot Ken Bob will be there.

If nobody RSVPs, don’t expect anyone to be waiting for you! Ken Bob is generally on time, or a few minutes early, and we tend to start running right on schedule, or a minute early. And sometimes if no one RSVPs, or shows up on time (early), Ken Bob might not bother to wait for you, or show up at all.

If you expect to be a few minutes late, contact Ken Bob. He does check his E-mail and text messages (NOT so much Facebook or Twitter) occasionally.


Locate Barefoot Ken Bob in real time


After checking the calendar, RSVP, to let Ken Bob know you’ll be there (this insures he will show up, if he is available – because often no one else will be there)

For other Barefoot Running Events see the Running Barefoot Calendar


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